Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The new Keeler Smart dealership is going to be the old Clark Music building converted. They have been working on it for a couple of days.
The new restaurant behind Peter Harris is Ed Kosek's old house and garage which are both still standing.
The new office building being built between CHP and Pizza Hut has most of the girder work complete.
There is mucho activity at the Getty. It looks like it should open in the next few weeks. Maybe Paul can get some action shots.
Kate and I voted today. We both voted for water for the resident's of Raquette Lake. Which means the left would say we voted for global warming and against enviormental issues.
The Town of Niskayuna elections were all very close. Almost 51/49 in all races with the Dems winning all. Jim Buhrmaster and Bob Farley are in Schenectady Co. legislature. Brian Stratton is still mayor of the city that used to power and move the world.
Elliott Spitzer just gave GE $5 million dollars to create 500 new jobs in Schenectady. It didn't take long for him to come around like the rest.
Chris, Christine, Jonathan and Megan came and visited this past weekend. Jonathan Oliver and I went to see Union Vs. Yale hockey saturday night. They ended in a tie, but we still had fun. Union' next home game is Vs. Northeastern Dec. 8th (Paul.
I think that is it for now.



Dad said...

Steve Kopack's house. The Kopack's had 8 boys and a girl. The girl was last.

Paul said...

I saw this morning that they just replaced the signs on the pump and it is still branded Getty. I was hoping for a Luk Oil conversion. Farley put up a sign next to my Buhrmaster sign on Monday. Didn't really want that, but it blew over Tuesday morning anyway. Cyndy and I plan on going to the Northeastern game. Also note, that Chicatelli is a partner in what is now known as Fazzone, Fazzone, and Chicatelli. Saw Jeff Dennison at the church.