Monday, July 31, 2006

OK this is it. Paul's cat, rat cat, **** *** ********** ** ***** ** ***** *** *****. ** is enjoying life in Stillwater, but is afraid to go out in daylight or to go to the lake shore (he has a problem with ducks)

*Edited by "Fidel's Brother"
The results of the auto X will be posted in a few days a I don't know how to put vieo from the digital camera on the blog. Maybe Kate can try. Is it possible Paul? Joel, I didn't know they had cowboys in Florida?


I am watching the Michigan 400 right now on ESPN2. It was delayed due to rain. Ganassi crew made a real bad call and ran Scott dixon out of fuel on a caution lap, Hornish is having engine trouble and is 10 laps down. I watch the Champ car races on wednesday on Speed replay. I saw the ESPN highlight of the Tracy/Tagliani deal. Looks like a real bonehead move by Tracy. Paul?
Here are the Formula SAE photos. Looks like they made thier own carbon fiber panels. The radiator setup is pretty trick out on the side.

Today I tried Autocross for the first time at Fulton-Montgomery CC. It was a lot of fun and I will definately do it again. It was interesting to feel how the car reacts and handles at the limit. The all wheel drive gave a combination of oversteer and understeer. Reacts well to throttle input at full boost. Boost helps rotate the car. Kate, Cameron and Oliver came to video, support, and cheer. I was classed A stock but due to lack of car count the grouped some classes icluding A prepared. I ran against an '03 EVO with mods and a lot more experience driving the car. I also ran against an S2000 with more Auto X driving experience.
A group of students from RPI were there with a Formula SAE car they built. It was like a Formula ford/ go cart with Honda 4 cyl motorcyle power. Each of the for students took turns driving for a total of 24 runs.
For Mom's sake here is a photo of the shoes I wore to race in. They are a pair of shoes from Philip's room in the brick house, Saucony Jazz. They make a good driving shoe.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani

The link takes you to San Jose's CBS affiliate's video page. You should be able to find the video you are looking for. If you did not watch the San Jose race you are not allowed to watch the video of Paul Tracy and Tagliani. This shows what NBC chose not to.

Hey everyone

Went to "Roundup" this friday... liked it so much i'm thinking of becoming a cowboy.
No, really... we met up with some chen co-workers on friday and one of them is a country music fan so she threw the idea of going to a line and square-dancing bar to my girlfriend... and shes never been to one (being from peru) so she wanted to check that out. it was strange to see... a lot of cowboy hats, dip and serious tapping, but overall fun. i didn't dance though,apparently i don't have the skills.

I watched Champ Car and Grandam today, for the first time I was allowed to watch racing in front of my girlfriend without any negative criticism such as "how can you watch something so boring" and "could you please change the channel".

besides that everythings good. When i showed her the blog, emily insisted i should write a post.. so this is my official contribution to the blog. I will add some pictures from florida in the near future.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

No more pictures of those ugly things. No one else here sees the need to show off their non-ugly shoes. Why should anyone show ugly shoes then?.

Bumper sticker on truck in Stillwater plus my new crocs


Panoz DP 01

Gelles Racing announced that they will begin racing in Champ Car.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

new shoes

New tire swing

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brownsey Family

Jonathan's last Travel Baseball game is tomorrow. He has had a chance to pitch, catch, and even slide in the mud (best part).


Brownsey Family

If you are in Boston in September check out.


Is Paul presenting? I want to see the CNG garbage truck.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just finished listening to the Acura/ALMS press conference. Which was fun because the press consisted of two guys from Daily Sports Car, Brian Till and the other CBS guy , Calvin Fish, and a guy from Corvette. Anyway, Noah was right, one car per team. They plan on moving to P1 eventually, and like Penske they won't run Lemans their first year out. Duncan Dayton and Andretti/Green are running Courages, and Adrian "I'm going to bail on every series that I race in because people are mean to me" Fernandez is running a Lola.

Champ Car is going to open the season on Easter weekend (Apr 13) in Las Vegas(around that crazy street with the light show thing on the roof, you know), the next weekend they are in Long Beach, and the next weekend in Houston. So, the first three races happen back to back to back, rather than this year when it took 7 weeks to do it. It also leaves a whole lot of time in the month of may in the schedule assuming Monterrey is really canceled next season. There are also rumors of a European swing in may which would include a race in Holland, and a second most likely in England.

Paul Stoddart, the former Minardi team principle has official announced his intent to run a Champ Car team next year. Hopefully, he'll use the Minardi name, which he owns, because that would be cool.

F1? Yup, still dead.

Oh, it was said in a meeting a work today that the Italian guys are going to run a fuel cell car around Monza in September. The general consensus was that it would be pretty embarassing.

Remember Champ Car is in Edmonton this weekend.

Eight days until the Champ Car DP01 is unvailed.

The guy that looks like Michael Jackson only a little bit asian is Two Ndinjas, I thought he should get his picture on the side. When I found that one I thought it must go on the side.

Yay, moving rocks. I think you teach Peter and Donnie to do that because they have a lot of rocks they could move.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I didn't know that they were going to use my picture for this year's advertisement.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Two Ndinjas finished 25th and 26th in the two World Series by Renault races in Missano this weekend. Technically he was unclassified since he finished several laps down, or didn't finish at all. In two weeks they go to Spa Francorchamps, the best racetrack in the world.

The Acura ALMS teams will be announced Friday. It is rumored that Andretti Green will field two cars, Adrian Fernandez will pull out of Grand Am and field two cars, and Duncan Dayton/Highcroft Racing will have one car. It is also believed that both Rahal and Newman/Haas applied for teams as well.

If anybody tried to call me this weekend, it didn't work.

Formula 1, dead.

Ten days until the new Champ Car Panoz DP01.

Grampa's Picture is a Grinnall Scorpion.

Brownsey Family

From Grandpa's at Payson bodyshop where Grandpa sold the tail gate.


Cameron was the flower girl. She was very excited.

Oliver has a habit of falling asleep at critical moments. ex modified feature, exchange of vows, final hour of alms race.

Photos didn't work
I am posting a bunch of photos from the Chris Meyer wedding this weekend. It was just outside Middletown, NY . It was outdoors at a really nice garden type wedding place.
I am angry at Autoweek magazine for listing the CBS time of 4pm for yesterdays ALMS race. CBS showed it from 2-4pm and I missed the whole thing. Wound up watching NASCAR at NH instead. Saw Michael Waltrip do the bone head move of the year.
Sam Hornish crash bad, Scott Dixon still good though. Danica 4th bad. I still feal IRL + Champ car would make a great field of cars and showcase open wheel talent. Less open wheel drivers would be looking to race stock cars.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

When we were packing at the blue house, we found the bottle of single malt scotch we bought in Scotland 8 years ago. We brought it to Stillwater and just had the last little bit on the rocks, on the rock.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I forgot to report on Two Ndinjas race from Istanbul in June. The World Series by Renault had a double header with Ndinjas finishing seventh in the first and 17th in the second race. His teammate for Victory Engineering won the second race.

Also, to explain to Chris again. Nuvera of Milan makes fuel cells, they put one in a Fiat. Nuvera in Cambridge makes fuel reformers that make hydrogen for use in fuel cells. The project I am working on aims to put a fuel reformer in a Renault to run a fuel cell that is chosen by Renault. Other companies have put fuel reformers in cars but they generally took up most of the usable space and take a long time to start and aren't efficient enough to be practical. Nuvera is trying to build one that fits in a small space, defined by Renault, that starts in less than 30 seconds. Also, by being able to run a wide range of fuels(with very similar efficiency), it would make it very hard for the government to enforce over the road fuel tax. You can put whatever you want in the tank, you can mix and match and it will run. The current spec that it is believed Renault wants for the prototype is about 90hp at the wheels. They know about the freezing thing but at this stage in R&D it isn't time to deal with it yet. Once the thing is running parts of it approach 1000degC so freezing isn't an issue then, and antifreeze isn't an option because water is part of the chemical reaction. There are zero priusi in the parking lot of Nuvera.

I will go to Niskayuna on the evening of the 21st. According to Cyndy, Tim agreed to come help too, I don't know why. He doesn't like Italian food that much. He does like beef.

Juan Pablo Montoya, yup.

Champ Car schedule per Robin Miller, no Monterrey Mex, Montreal, Milwaukee(no ovals). Yes Phoenix, San Antonio(in addition to Houston), Zhuhai, China(road course built for F1, 1 hour away from Hong Kong), Las Vegas(street). ~16 races
Where will Bruno go after Newman Haas lets him go?

IRL down to 18 cars pending Foyt's driver announcement, otherwise 17. No Cheever. Strong Rumor: Danica to Andretti Green next year, Rahal down to one(Rice) or zero cars.

ALMS this weekend at the new Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, now the longest Road Course in NA @ 4.5 miles, surpassing Road America @ 4 miles. Audi R10

The big dig fell.


Brownsey Family

Last ditch (or last bolder) racing's last race.

These are the rally guys from Maine.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Apparently knitting is big bucks (or more likely Maine Tourism officials have lost their minds). There is a whole tourism campaign on luring knitters to visit.

Also be sure to check out the exciting Fiat 'test' video on the Nuvero site. …definitely fast going down the mountain. .

Brownsey Family

On Christine's birthday we went to Saco to Mini-golf and then to Old Orchard Beach for pizza. Dad won; Mom came in second. Megan didn't finish all the holes.

The day before we made beer batter shrimp and had a piece of cake for Christine's birthday.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Brownsey Family

I will start with most recent things to keep the blog up to date. The weather has been great. Today we went to the Ossippe Valley fair. Its a small fair. Today was the car show and old tractor pull. The kids were fascinated. Megan liked the Rabbit show (no picture).

Jonathan's summer baseball league is quite busy. This week he has the first game with an out of town team. Jonathan is doing well batting. Pitching is a little more difficult. The pool is up to 82. We has people over for dinner the last two Saturday's which also kept us busy.

On Wednesday Megan started with two wheels.


The swimming rock on 7/7/06
My mother and sister were at camp July 8-9 , 2006. We all had a good time. Jane and I boated, hiked and canoed. We all had an excellent dinner at the Stillwater Saturday evening.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Hello all! It turns out I got an F on the post report card, so I thought I would update you all on my situation. I am now living at the camp, and I am having a wonderful time here. Yesterday I caught a peromyscus maniculatus (aka a deer mouse) and two loons. I have been considering some of my other bird meal options, but have come to the conclusion that hummingbirds are too sweet for anything but a dessert course, and that bald eagles may be a wee bit out of my league.
I would also like to post a few pictures so that all of you may learn a little more about me!

Here is my favorite self portrait- I love taking my own picture!!


Garfield- My Idol:)

My new home.

A postcard I recieved from some friends- one day I would like to go to Catmandu and visit them.

My best friend- his name is Ibmab.

And last but not least, MY favorite car (forget those race cars, the Meow Mix car is what it's all about!!)

Well, thats all I have to say for now- MEOW!!!!!


Rat Cat

Blob Report Card: May 1 to July 7

Over all blob traffic statistics have been very high. Page views and unique visitors have grown 50% from January to June with June being the most sucessful month since tracking began in late November. In June the blob received over 1500 page views and an average 21 people visited the blob every day.

Overall posting appears to be on the decline with a lack of participation from some members. For this reason an individual posting report along with a letter grade is given to each member as opposed to the blob as a whole. Individuals are listed by grade to make the people at the bottom feel bad.

A Paul 13 Posts/57 Photos
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A- Donnie 9 Posts/Doesn't understand photos
B Phil 6 Posts/10 Photos
B- Peter 5 Posts/6 Photos Collabarated with Donnie
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last night, July 5th we went to Joe Bruno stadium. It was German night?. The Valleycats lost badly to the Oneonta Tigers. Still a good time. Mascot is "southpaw".

Yeah, happy fourth of July!!! Also a couple of beach bums in Rhode Island

Liz Halliday, Clint Field P2 car, Risi Ferrari, Flying Lizard Porsche, talking with Bill Auberlen

This is the autograph session. Oliver is getting a personalized poster from Oliver Gavin of the Corvette team. Also present are Olivier Beretta, Ron Fellows, and Johnny O'Connell. Bill Auberlen signing , Also Liz Halliday. The Corvette team fresh off thier GT1 win at Le Mans.