Thursday, July 20, 2006

I just finished listening to the Acura/ALMS press conference. Which was fun because the press consisted of two guys from Daily Sports Car, Brian Till and the other CBS guy , Calvin Fish, and a guy from Corvette. Anyway, Noah was right, one car per team. They plan on moving to P1 eventually, and like Penske they won't run Lemans their first year out. Duncan Dayton and Andretti/Green are running Courages, and Adrian "I'm going to bail on every series that I race in because people are mean to me" Fernandez is running a Lola.

Champ Car is going to open the season on Easter weekend (Apr 13) in Las Vegas(around that crazy street with the light show thing on the roof, you know), the next weekend they are in Long Beach, and the next weekend in Houston. So, the first three races happen back to back to back, rather than this year when it took 7 weeks to do it. It also leaves a whole lot of time in the month of may in the schedule assuming Monterrey is really canceled next season. There are also rumors of a European swing in may which would include a race in Holland, and a second most likely in England.

Paul Stoddart, the former Minardi team principle has official announced his intent to run a Champ Car team next year. Hopefully, he'll use the Minardi name, which he owns, because that would be cool.

F1? Yup, still dead.

Oh, it was said in a meeting a work today that the Italian guys are going to run a fuel cell car around Monza in September. The general consensus was that it would be pretty embarassing.

Remember Champ Car is in Edmonton this weekend.

Eight days until the Champ Car DP01 is unvailed.

The guy that looks like Michael Jackson only a little bit asian is Two Ndinjas, I thought he should get his picture on the side. When I found that one I thought it must go on the side.

Yay, moving rocks. I think you teach Peter and Donnie to do that because they have a lot of rocks they could move.


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two ndinjas is creepy, so are rock moving cults