Monday, July 31, 2006

Today I tried Autocross for the first time at Fulton-Montgomery CC. It was a lot of fun and I will definately do it again. It was interesting to feel how the car reacts and handles at the limit. The all wheel drive gave a combination of oversteer and understeer. Reacts well to throttle input at full boost. Boost helps rotate the car. Kate, Cameron and Oliver came to video, support, and cheer. I was classed A stock but due to lack of car count the grouped some classes icluding A prepared. I ran against an '03 EVO with mods and a lot more experience driving the car. I also ran against an S2000 with more Auto X driving experience.
A group of students from RPI were there with a Formula SAE car they built. It was like a Formula ford/ go cart with Honda 4 cyl motorcyle power. Each of the for students took turns driving for a total of 24 runs.
For Mom's sake here is a photo of the shoes I wore to race in. They are a pair of shoes from Philip's room in the brick house, Saucony Jazz. They make a good driving shoe.