Friday, July 07, 2006

Blob Report Card: May 1 to July 7

Over all blob traffic statistics have been very high. Page views and unique visitors have grown 50% from January to June with June being the most sucessful month since tracking began in late November. In June the blob received over 1500 page views and an average 21 people visited the blob every day.

Overall posting appears to be on the decline with a lack of participation from some members. For this reason an individual posting report along with a letter grade is given to each member as opposed to the blob as a whole. Individuals are listed by grade to make the people at the bottom feel bad.

A Paul 13 Posts/57 Photos
A Noah 9 Posts/43 Photos
A- Donnie 9 Posts/Doesn't understand photos
B Phil 6 Posts/10 Photos
B- Peter 5 Posts/6 Photos Collabarated with Donnie
C+ Chris 5 Posts/7 Photos
D Joel 2 Posts/5 Photos
F Rat Cat 0 Posts/0 Photos
F Betty 0 Posts/0 Photos
F No Name 2 Posts/0 Photos


JSmith5780 said...

Hey Paul- the blobbing guru- how do you know the number of visitors, etc?? I can't seem to find a way to track that other than with a counter.


Brownsey Family said...
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Brownsey Family said...

If you go to the bottom of the blob there is a link to stat counter. You can sign up and put it in the template of your own blob. It has a bunch of fun stuff to look at and I can usually figure out who has recently looked at the blob based on the location of their ip address. That's my favorite part. I can tell you visited because you came from your work computer Joel and your mother looked from work today too.