Thursday, November 30, 2006

1995 Subaru with 167,000 miles...sold.
I need Cyndy to email me to discuss rat boy's christmas gift.

2 today Mac Connection and Cricket

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We have received at least 100 catalogs in the mail for Mom and Dad at the blue house since labor day. LL Bean has easily sent 25 catalogs in the period of time. 4 today LL Bean, Cabela's, Williams-Sonoma, Garnet Hill. That makes 12 so far this week! save the trees.
Oliver and I went to Lock 11 today and saw three trains. On the way back we went to Mike's hot dogs for lunch. Temperature today was about 55. Washed the EVO and rode Cameron's yellow Ski Doo in the yard. Pizza for dinner tonight.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We have a portable dishwasher... I don't really like it but we have it.

Dan Petit the p of PKV bought RuSport.

Noah is on MySpace.

Zanardi is on the side in the BMW Sauber.

No Grand Am news but Homestead testing is next week.

Risi, and Audi have been at Sebring testing this week with Dyson and Rahal(IRL) and Vision, and Corvette testing last week. Here is a photo of Scott Sharp's new car with Patron Tequilla livery.
That is a good site, I'll throw that with the links. The trouble is that they don't leave there pictures or anything for very long. So unless it's fresh they take it down. So this photo will be gone soon.

I made a comic.


Camping down at Big Sur after Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect. Note the grazing lands down by the ocean in the distance.

Where's Rachel?
Well, it was wonderful holiday. But, after all the dust settled there is still a pair of black shoes in the laundry room. Maybe, I will wrap them for a Christmas surprise.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Another after Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat.

Emily and I would like to give a special thanks to Noah, Kate, Mom, and Dad for everything they did to accommodate us this weekend. Everything worked out flawlessly for us and we appreciate those who helped make that possible.

abercrombie pose, feel free to print and frame it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If I read this right. Wayne Taylor is starting his own DP team. Taking the sponsor (SunTrust), GM engine support and the teams' best driver Mad Max with him. I would guess his former partner is annoyed.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I made it to and from Ann Arbor, Michigan this past weekend for Emily's birthday and also to prepare myself for the cold weather in Stillwater on Thanksgiving, however Michigan might be colder. I got to eat in the dining hall,

watch the Michigan vs. Ohio St. game alongside Michigan students, which happened to be the biggest game all year in college football, and witness most students do nothing all weekend but study. I was surprised so many actually took a 3 hour break to watch the game on Saturday.

Evidently they don't have squirrels in Peru which explains why Emily seemed so fascinated by them.

3" downpipe and testpipe


Monday, November 20, 2006

I updated my webpage today. Let me know if you see anything wrong. It's public, but not easy to find until the department builds a search page to find it.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No more Nelson please. Robby Gordon won Baja 1000 in trophy truck.

Happy Birthday Patrick......although I have my doubts that he ever reads this blog.

11 days and no birds in my birdfeeder yet. I'm starting to get annoyed.

Another tree is coming down with the balsam disease. Does anyone know what it is or what to do about it.

I am not confused, Mom

Friday, November 17, 2006

I finally found a copy of Paul Tracy's Autosport article that Joel wanted to read.

Another current Champ Car driver was with Tracy and knocked unconcious for 9 minutes. No ones saying who it was.

Dale Coyne will have a real sponsor next year and for the first time in awhile actually pay a driver.

Names for the second Forsythe seat include Rice, Martinez, Wirth, and Philippe(unless his Dad buys RuSport).

It is very important for teams to get there drivers in place by the start of DP01 testing in January. Teams will be able to use the Lola for driver evaluations until December 15.

The Champ Car TV deal with ABC/ESPN is for five years with 11 races this year and all the races starting next year.

I added my research webpage to the list of links to the left, although it is still under construction. Once it is done, you will be able to see what I am working on without getting the confused version from Mom.
Marion has one room left for Fri. & Sat. night if anyone changed their mind it let us know.

Happy Birthday Emily....and we are looking forward to meeting you next week.

Went to Watertown yesterday and scored a turkey- I know it isn't like getting an xbox- didn't have to camp out overnight. Drove home in a wild storm and arrived to find the power out. The generator had a 10 hour workout and ran beautifully.

Joel-mission accomplished at the airport?


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Peter and Donnie. DVR "Racing Incorporated" on SpeedTV tonight(wed) at 8PM and tommorrow night(thurs) at 8PM. Each is 1 hour long. They also replay at 11pm on their respective nights.

Chris. Bus wedensday morning. Pick one

Noah. Cyndy is planning on driving to your house on Friday morning for a ride to camp. Supposively Mother already told you this, but, she probably didn't or if she did she sounded confused.

Joel. Jerk

Phil. Jerk

Grandpa Steates. Jerk

The schedule for the Daytona 24 has been posted. Notice the start has been moved back to 1:30. I guess that's why the Delta flight to Atlanta on Sunday got pushed back as well.

This week at the Champ Car banquet they should announce the addition of Assen, NED, and Zolder, BEL. to the schedule for September. Also, Paul Stoddart will team up with CTE-HVM together they will run two CTE branded cars and one or two Minardi branded cars. Also, RuSport got bought by someone.

Mexico City was a good race.

The first official test session for the teams with the Panoz DP01 is Jan 25-27. I don't understand why they aren't doing it on Jan 23-25 or something, oh well.

I bought this book: Rapid Response It's pretty good, but not as fun as Zanardi's.

We've made $8 with the ad thingy now just short of $30.

Happy Birthday Cameron.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Over the weekend Jonathan and I had to make a water wheel for his science homework. Lucky the weather wasn't great Sunday so we got right to it. Jonathan's suggested putting it into a Clementine box. The rest is made from scrap wood. This is the first of the potentially nightmare homework assignments I have heard rumors about.

Another picture of Paul and Cyndy's visit.

Brownsey Family
Jane passed along the notice that Evelyn Bol passed away yesterday.
Evelyn Bol

Yeah! Frontier finally showed up with a new modem. The old one blew up when the power line came down on the phone line some days ago.

It's nice to be back online and I would like to say Happy Birthday to Rachel. Stand by- it's a big week for birthdays.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cameron and Oliver are working on a project in the basement. We are converting Paul's attempt at a train layout into a dance/show stage. They had fun painting the edges today. I used a belt sander on the top and we will polyurethane it tomorrow.
I did not see the Camp Car race today. So don't spoil the end for me!


Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm still trying to digest Paul's 11/7 post. Too much at one time. No room for cake.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Beneath Nelson is an ad. It is part of a fundraising exercise so we can get a subscription to I'm using an account that already has $20 some dollars on it and we need $100 to get to cash out. The Autosport subscription is $60, the remaining balence will be donated to the Stillwater-Number 4 Fish and Game Club or something.

Good enough,


Click on it everyday. It won't hurt.
It turns out Jonathan has a long lost twin. Which one is his twin?

Christine's parents sent us this picture they cut out of a Lowe's ad. Chris

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two Ndinjas was replaced before the previous race in the World Series by Renault (I think they have 1 left). I haven't heard anything about his plans for next year.

Everyone has probably heard about PT. Though I still expect that the race in Mexico City will be the best of the year. Hopefully, guys like Ranger and Zwolsman will be able to push the Lola's as hard as they can without worrying about accident damage. 3Pm this Sunday on Speed.

As I wrote earlier the hiring of both of Fernandez's IRL engineers by Dreyer and Reinbold suggested Ferandez was done. According to Tom Anderson (part owner of the team) they have 0 chance of running next year at this point.

What I didn't write was that DRR has not said whether or not they will run in the IRL next year and they have been looking at the new Champ Car Panoz. Both of Fernandez's engineers were with the team while he was still a one car operation in CART. Regardless, my assumption that they will go to a two car operation in any series seems to be wrong.

My assumption that Foyt would go to two cars is also wrong. Panther is going to two cars with Matuura (Super Aguri Panther). Rahal Letterman is going down to two cars with Scott Sharp driving one of them. It looks like Tony George will have to go to three cars with Vision and keep funding Marty Roth to make 18 (assuming DRR isn't leaving but rather extorting money out of Tony George). Tony did just sell his share of Chicagoland to ISC to fund "improvements to IMS" (AKA fund 33 cars for this year's I500).

Paul Stoddart(fmr Minardi) is buying a existing Champ Car team (Robin Miller says RuSport). KK says Champ Car will have 22 cars next year. Good Enough.

Champ Car and Grand Am both announced they will be releasing (seperate) PC based video games this year at their respective season openers.

Daytona November Test Days just finished today.

Teams were testing the standard Bosch ECU that everyone has to use for next season. The Porsche power plants had big problems with them forcing Brumos to go home on Monday since they had none of last years ecus with them. Other teams did not even try the new ones.

Michael Shank racing will have Helio and Hornish on board for Daytona with Oswaldo and Mark.

Ganassi tested Carlos Padro to replace Luis Diaz who is ALMS bound with Fernandez. They plan on running a second car but have not said anything about drivers for either car except Scott Pruett.

Carpentier with Milka in the Citgo car.

The Infiniti G35 was on the track.

Howard Boss has lost Boss so now it is just Howard Motorsports. They have also lost Danica... so sad. I guess she was afraid of Katherine Legge.

Alhadeff and Auberlan will be in the Sigalsport car which is trying to add a second car.

Team Sahlen will run at least one of each of the following in the 24: Corvette, Porsche, and GTO. I believe they have seven Nonnamakers lined up to drive the cars, plus Joe Sahlen.

Grand Am announced the new chassis specs for '08. Current cars will still be eligible and Sabre will be added to the list of manufacturers, current manufacturers will be able to sell there spots to other manufacturers if they wish. Also Engine manufacturers will be allowed to pair with chassis manufacturers. Manufacturers, manufacturers (manufacturers)

Whatever, Daytona Prototypes will still be ugly.

Zanardi and Glock will be testing the BMW F1 car. Remember, Zanardi has no legs.

That's all for now.


Oh... IRL is running all ethanol next year. For the enviroment. Or maybe it's for marketing? Same thing anyway, sounds good.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Grandmother Steates on Friday and Happy Birthday to Tracy a day late but important none the less. Excuse- we had company all weekend. And went to another of Marion's wonderful wine dinners.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mom, Is hockey an approved activity inside the blue house?


We went to the auto show at the empire plaza saturday at noon. Cameron and Oliver checked out a minivan. The Z4 coupe is very nice appears roomier than an S2000 inside. The 335i is nice but the inside doesn't have any performnace car feel. The new Chevy Suburban is also nice inside is nice, don't need flex-fuel capability though. I won't be tricked into paying more for gas that is enviro-friendly. There is a Saab 9-3 sedan that has a turbo V6 that does not require premium fuel. That is rare for a turbo car

Let's see if anybody can guess where this photo was taken. Hint: it was taken on saturday.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Friday, November 03, 2006

Brownsey Family
Jonathan and Megan on Halloween:

Of elephantish interest to the kids perhaps?
Is this of interest?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bear dressed as ghost for Halloween
It's a sweater!
Oliver and I were lucky enough to see a large barge go through lock 7 today. The NYS museum recently purchased the Day Peckinpaugh (built in 1921) a barge that was built specificaly to be used in the NYS canal system also the largest vessel to travel the canal system. The Museum and Thruway ath. were bringing it to upper lock 7 where is will be stored for the winter. The barge barely fit into the lock with only a couple of feet to spare. It traveled up the river from Waterford under its' own power with the NYS tugboat Governor Cleveland following in case of trouble. There was a tense moment just before the lock when one of the barge's engines was stuck in gear and the ship was headed straight for a cement wall. The capain put the other motor at full capacty to compinsate, and barely missed by two feet. They then thought the barge had become grounded as it churned up the river bottom but they were able to power through. All in all it was very exciting and there were many staff from the state museum and thruway taking pictures and looking very happy. If you google Day Peckinpaugh there is a lot of history available of thsi barge. We should have some photo soon.

I wanted take a minute to talk about some NYS election stuff. Running for Lt. Governor from the Green party is Alison Duncan. A 31 year old 1993 Niskayuna HS graduate who attended The Hartt school of music. She has the support of the mayor of New Paltz. She is fighting for the rights of "LGBT folk" and renewable energy. Phil whats the deal here? I thought all the LGBT's were in San Fransisco? Did you go to school with her?
Also running for various postions are Roger Calero a former meat, packer and writer/ediditor for the Militant newspaper. Maura DeLuca, A garment worker find out more about her at Also Willie Cotton a sewing machine operator and writer for the militant newspaper.
Looks like the socialist party has a strong lineup this year.


Here are two photos of halloween. There should be more coming. We have a "worker" and Cinderella. Both had a good time on halloween.
Kate wants to know why the picture of Oliver was replaced with Fabio. Mom says "that guy looks creepy"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006