Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oliver and I were lucky enough to see a large barge go through lock 7 today. The NYS museum recently purchased the Day Peckinpaugh (built in 1921) a barge that was built specificaly to be used in the NYS canal system also the largest vessel to travel the canal system. The Museum and Thruway ath. were bringing it to upper lock 7 where is will be stored for the winter. The barge barely fit into the lock with only a couple of feet to spare. It traveled up the river from Waterford under its' own power with the NYS tugboat Governor Cleveland following in case of trouble. There was a tense moment just before the lock when one of the barge's engines was stuck in gear and the ship was headed straight for a cement wall. The capain put the other motor at full capacty to compinsate, and barely missed by two feet. They then thought the barge had become grounded as it churned up the river bottom but they were able to power through. All in all it was very exciting and there were many staff from the state museum and thruway taking pictures and looking very happy. If you google Day Peckinpaugh there is a lot of history available of thsi barge. We should have some photo soon.


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