Friday, December 23, 2005

Congradulations Paul and Best Wishes Cyndy!

Keller's Dairy is selling a Christmas butter sculpture in the shape of a tree. Doesn't that seem like the coolest thing ever for one's Christmas dinner table? I understand they do turkeys at Thanksgiving and lambs at Easter, also.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

I took Megan to dance for the first time today with Chrstine as I was off from work. Megan was very cute.

Don't know where my phone charger is, so I don't have a phone.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cyndy and Paul: Congratulations from Moose and Kelly, WY!
SPEED World Challenge '06 Schedule Complete

That schedule has a big hole where the double header with ALMS is supposed to be. No Lime Rock in '06 for Speed World Challenge. Grand Am (GT only) and Grand Am Cup will race at Lime Rock on Memorial Day this year. Also Super Aguri F1 is on the verge of being announced. The team will run the old 2002 Arrows chassis with a Honda V8 until May when they come out with a new car either at Spain or Monaco, the latter seems most likely. Currently the team is running out of the old Arrows shop and has hired back much of the old staff. Champ Car testing at Sebring resumes today and tomorrow.

Moved all my stuff out of my dorm on Saturday and dropped all non esential stuff at the apartment. At which, with Cyndy's parent's, brother and his girlfriend, we cleaned all day Sunday. This week I'm staying at her parent's house (it's actually a shorter commute, time-wise, to where I work), and I will be in Niskayuna sometime on Christmas Eve with an emphasis on 'sometime'. I will then pick Cyndy up somethime on Monday and we will both go to Niskayuna and ride with someone up to camp. I was going to send her out for spark plugs and injector oil. Dad, is there at least one spare belt for our sleds up there? And does my sled have all the documentation with it as well? I added stuff to the calander too.


Monday, December 19, 2005

OK Then...

Congratulations Cyndy and Paul. We look forward to congratulating you in person soon.

I know, everyone is surprised that Panther Racing's equiptment is going up for auction next month. That will make 3 IRL shops emptied out in under four months.

Also, Alonso to Mclaren in '07(official) and Vasser looks more and more likely to retire this off season. I haven't reached Phil yet.

What's up? Is everybody afraid to talk about it?

Friday, December 16, 2005

Channel 13 news #1? Who would have thought. I'm still watching 10, waiting to see Pet Connection. Maybe, it is time to change the channel. Way to go R.


Our weekend guests have arrived. Pearl and Ginger. Cameron has been asking to have them over for months. They seem to be very comfortable around children.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

I heard on the radio today that the movie "AIRPLANE!" has been released on DVD for the first time. It comes with the usual deleted scenes etc.. I guess if you buy it and mail in an order form and $5.50 for shipping and handling they will send you an inflatable "co-pilot" doll like the one in the movie.
Just so you all know friday is white day. Also Pearl and Ginger should be visiting this weekend in case anybody to stop in and say hi.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Breaking News:
Marco Andretti is to be Andretti Green Racing's fourth driver and the team will enter a fifth car for the Indy 500 driven by Michael Andretti. Just when everyone thought it was save because AJ IV was leaving...
Cold outside. Get keys to apartment on Saturday.
Champ Car is testing at Sebring this week and next week. Notable drivers that have tested so far include Bruno Junquira, Katherine Legge, Girgio Pantano, Ryan Briscoe, Ryan Dalziel and, Tonis Kasemets. Junquira has posted the fastest time over Monday and Tuesday with a 51.1. The three drivers involved in the PKV "shootout" (Pantano, Briscoe, Dalziel)all posted identical 51.5 second laps. Proving that they are all fast drivers and offering no help in selecting which one(s) will drive for PKV next year. PKV has 0, 1, 2, or 3 seats available next year depending on whether JV retires, Damatta resigns, and/or they field 3 cars next year. Katherine Legge will test with PKV next week, the test she did on Tuesday was with Rocketsports, expect her to improve on her 53.2 second lap next week.
On the European front F1 teams are testing at Jerez. After about a dozen days of testing Jacques Villeneuve has posted the fastest lap time (out of the 2006 V8s) with a 1:18.752, only Badoer and de la Rosa have outpaced him using last years V10s. Michael Schumacher is expected at the track soon, as he will be testing with the team this winter, something that he has not done in years. Also in the news with F1 is that 2006 will be Michelin's last year. Super Aguri is still trying to make the grid in 2006 using 2002 Arrows chassis and Honda power, a decision from the FIA is expected Friday. And in 2007 Vodafone will switch from an associate sponsor role at Ferrari to a primary sponsorship at Mclaren. Mclaren has been without a primary sponsor since Hungary and will likely remain that way all of 2006. So the "kimi" sidepods will live on for a little longer.
In Formula Atlantic, driver and team confirmations are trickling in and Also the R10 that Joel posted photos of will be debuting at the Petit Lemans, they have not announced their plans for the remainder of the ALMS season, one would assume that the defending Lemans champions will be high on the list to recieve the new car. Also in ALMS Dyson will field two of the next generation Lola's and their two old chassis have been sold to two teams that intend to run the entire ALMS season, making six regular P1 cars in ALMS for next year, so far. Hopefully, some old Audi R8s will be sold of to privateer teams as well, though they may be more expensive to run. So far it has been a very positive off season for Road Racing in general and a dismal one for the IRL. No word on a thrid seat for Oreo Serbia at Newman Haas yet.


It's that time again, time to make the cookies, now that I've got that pesky shopping out of the way. I was wondering what everyones favorite cookie is? Joel has already said the ones with the hershey kiss on top and I can guess Noah likes the messy little balls that have multiple names and Jon likes gingerbread men. Anyone else? Start listing your favorites.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The new R10 with diesel power

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I have been enjoying my 37th birthday. Megan behaved great in church. Afterward we rode snowmobiles around home. We went to a friends for chili, cake, beer and more snowmobiling (not in this order).

As usual we got over 12 inches of snow when only 6 were predicted on Friday. Schools were not closed but should have been as the kids were let out early. Everyone had fun playing out all weekend. It was very light fluffy snow. Christine even drove the snowmobile. I need to do more work on Jonathan’s but the tank is patched so far.

It sounds like everyone has been busy.

Happy Birthday Chris, hope it is a good one. Have a piece of caks for me.

We had a fake snowstorm on friday. All the schools closed for a total of 3" of snow. At least they know what to do in case of a real snowstorm. I bought Cameron and Oliver a HJC full face helmet for them to wear on the snowmobiles. It took some discussion with Cameron to get her to wear it. Rode the Mini Rev and a Ski Whiz again. Today we cut down a christmas tree from our backyard and put it up. Tomorrow we will decorate it. Joel put new brake rotors on his car this evening. Kate and I went christmas shopping while the grandparents watched the kids. We went to the Schenectday museum this afternoon for a running Lionel train display that was nice. The museum was 75% dedicated to GE 20% WGY and 5% crap. There was little mention of ALCO. They had hundreds of GE appliances that probably shouldn't be remembered.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Went to work in the snow this morning... then being the government and all they sent us home at 11:30. There was about 6" of snow in Natick at the time and this state is snowplow challenged. Went to Cambridge and packed my car full of Cyndy's things while she was at work, her parents were supposed to come and move her out today but I stuffed it all in my car instead. When she got out of work we waited for the snow to end... about 8" of snow in Cambridge, then dug my car out and drove over poorly plowed roads for most of the way. I went through the EZpass lane going out of Boston and the snow was so deep and thick in the tolls it pulled my car out of gear while I went through it... a little troubling. But we eventually made it and my car is safe and she is moved out for the semester.

Anyway, we are probably going to a have a lease all signed up for an apartment next semester. 2 Forest St Apt 6, Cambridge, MA. It's pretty big, 1 bedroom on the second floor of a two story building. And it has a fireplace so we can burn Cambridgites/Hippies. But overall pretty decent except for the scary looking stove, but it works. It's a six month lease so if I find a coop job elsewhere I can pursue that.

Still thinking about going to camp next weekend, probably take Friday off or something. I talked to Thomas from Italy on the phone, he was visiting Marian and Joe since he was in the country. He seems very well and Italian.

No news on Two Ndinjas, I assume he is running with A1GP in Dubai this weekend but I am not sure. A1GP can now be seen on the Outdoor Life Network(OLN).

Cyndy says that nobody cares so I should stop writing. Now she wants me to take that sentance away because that's not what she meant she was only reffering to the cars. Oh well.


Yesterday, Thursday, December 8th was Grandmother Brownsey's .....shh.....84th birthday. Joel, dad and I took her to "The Barnsider" for her birthday dinner. Tons of fun was had by all.

It's pretty cold here- highs in the 20's but nothing like Wyoming. Is that normal winter weather Phil or unusual? How does Rachel like the cold?

We are having a very pretty snowstorm, causing my knitting class to be canceled this morning.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

High of -2F today. Low of -26F last night. Already -17F now. Car wouldn't start this morning.--Philip

Monday, December 05, 2005

No other plans, ignore Donnie. Proceed as usual.


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Also, Megan's Dance Recital is Friday May 19th at 6pm.


We put up our tree early this year since we have Christmas plans. We had to cut it down ourselves at the tree farm in Dayton. There was a wagon ride and hot chocolate. The kids liked helping pick it out. There were hundreds to choose from.

My cold seems to be getting a little better. Also we picked up fuel line for the Bravo.


We got a half an inch of snow today. Cameron and Oliver and I went out and tried to make a snowman. We also rode the mini-rev. I tried to let cameron steer but she wasn't doing that well yet. I will try again up at camp where there is more space.
Kate took off work the week between christmas and new years. I have the 26-28 off. We were planning on going up on monday to thursday. I hear a rumor the Paul has other plans. he will have to keep us up to date.
We went christmas shopping on Wolf Rd. last night it was crazy. There was a million people, accidents, police, and no christmas spirit.
Paul, Kate wants a fat handle whisk.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Moose chilling in the sagebrush. December 3.--philip

Rachel seeding grasses and forbs.

My restoration plots that Rachel and I seeded November 23 at the Dye Creek Preserve.--philip

Hi all. Its just cold here with no snow. Last night we went to the Children's Theater of Maine to see 'Go Dog Go. ' As you can see Megan got to be in the dog party scene. I'm not sure why the pictures looks odd but you can click on it to see the picture larger. One of Jonathan's soccer coaches happened to be there and took the picture for us with his cell phone.

Jonathan's confirmation is on April 29th here in Scarborough for those who are interested.


Friday, December 02, 2005

dateline........Niskayuna with snow flurries

Pat and I just went on the annual Christmas house tour. The houses were beautiful and all decorated for Christmas. One of them, belonging to a family with young children had a great playroom in the basement that included a stage at one end- 2 steps up, framed by curtains (although I don't think they opened) and a little spotlight. Also, one section of wall was painted with the new chalkboard paint. I was thinking of doing that in the bunkroom, but I don't want to paint the paneling. Also, that basement room had the ceiling spray painted black. It looked good and we wouldn't have to fool with that dropped ceiling squares thing.

18 inches of new snow over the past 24 hours. It's all settled now so there is about 24 inches on the ground. Sky is clear now, but I expect snow to continue through the weekend. Got to skip the second half the of Jackson Hole Wildlife Symposium today. Shovelled out cars instead. The school's plow truck broke this morning (something to do with the freeze plug), the power went out (while I was in the shower), and the battery for the backup generator was dead. The generator doesn't supply power to the coffee maker, anyway. Luckily, Sange (the cook) made one pot of coffee before the power went out at 5:45am. I only got one cup because Sange was rationing coffee.--Philip
Two Ndinjas completed his second day of testing today at the Paul Ricard circuit in France. He took part in the open GP2 test session with the ART GP Team. In 2005 the ART team won the inagural GP2 Championship with Nico Rosberg, who is confirmed to team with Mark Webber at Williams F1 in 2006. The teams second driver Alexandre Premat scored 4th in points giving the team championshipt to ART.

Ndinjas tested alongside ChampCar driver Timo Glock in the teams other car on Thursday. Glock was consistently fast all day and secured the second fastest time of 1:16.069 just 2 1/2 tenths behind Nelson Piquet Jr.. Two Ndinjas was seventh fastest of the 23 cars participating in the test about 3 1/2 tenths off Glock's pace. Today Lewis Hamilton took over Glocks seat and posted the fastest time of the day at a wet Paul Ricard with a 1:28.173. Two Ndinjas was 15 fastest about 3 1/2 seconds off the pace, most likely due to changing track conditions. Neither Glock nor Ndinjas will have the oppurtunity to drive the ART GP2 car next year as Alexandre Premat will return to his seat and the team has already signed Lewis Hamilton to join him. Nelson Piquet Jr. was also rumored to be joining the team but he has elected to stick with his father's squad, Piquet Sports.

Timo Glock has said that he is looking for a ride with a top tier Champ Car team at the moment and wishes to stay in North America. Possible seats include a third car for Forsythe, or with PKV. Of course, all teams barring Coyne would be an improvement over Rocketsports.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

November blog postings reached 33 posts*, a four post increase over October.

A link to the Meyer Family Blog has been added per Mother's request.

Also added Cat and Girl cartoon link because Mother has emailed it to me twice, so now she can stop doing so because it is on the blob.

The mall definitely made me sick, and that jacket is too big... otherwise it is good.

*(posts in which the same person posted back-to-back within one hour of each other were counted once)
We have been sick in our house also. Almost a week now. Also very upset. Not the mall's fault though probably the new church building.
Paul and Joel should check out this item on Ebay #7368481453 kind of cool but not too much. Anybody else is welcome to also.
I saw two funny emails on Cavuto's show yesterday. First one said definition of "vegetarian" is bad hunter. The other said "It is better to sit quietly and let everyone assume you are dumb than to open you mouth and prove it to them.
Cameron spent the last two nights at grandma's house she seemed to have a really good time. She was very excited about it and seems happy to have had a break from her brother.
Been sick, very upsetting. Went to the mall on Sunday... bad air in there... Mall's fault. Christmas, need ideas for the twins, Cyndy says weird soap from "Lush", but I don't like buying soap. Need ideas for Kate. Mom and Dad are getting one of those cool ski carrier things for the roof of the Wagoneero. I figure they can put it on after Christmas and leave it on until July or so. Should be good for about 1 City/ 2 Hwy MPG. Won't make it to camp for Snodeo, maybe the following weekend, pending snow of course.

Good Enough,