Thursday, June 29, 2006

I got the new mac mini last week its fun because I can play my Windows based racing games on it. However, It also had more fun with it, came with a comic strip editor. I made a comic.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mario Dominguez(lost his Forsythe ride to Allmendinger) and Marc Gene(former F1 driver and long time F1 test driver) are confirmed to be at Lime Rock driving for Risi Competizione. This is the first time competing in ALMS for either driver. So, despite my doubts, there will be two Ferraris at Lime Rock. Also, Thursday in Grand Am at Daytona Paul Tracy will be driving for Michael Shank Racing, and James Hinchcliffe (Atlantics driver, his link is on the blob) for AIM Motorsport(their first DP race, but they intend to run all of next year). I'll try to find the link of Hinch discussing it with pictures later.

Cyndy got a job as a day camp counselor at the zoo. I guess it has loose peacocks that try to eat your lunch. The zoo also has a history of losing its gorillas in Roxbury where they beat up children on the sidewalk. It rained today.


Monday, June 26, 2006

After the Autocross we stopped at Guy park in Amsterdam. It is located at Lock 11. We saw three trains go past and three big boats go through the lock. It was nice and quite there. The kids had a great time. Later in the evening we went to Crossgates Mall to see the movie "CARS". It was pretty good. It featured the voices of Dale Jr., Richard Petty, Mario Andretti, and Michael Schumacher.

This brings us to Sunday June 25th. We went to FMCC in Johnstown and watched an autocross event. The Subaru Impreza RS's were very quick. As well as an S2000, an '03 EVO and the green Rabbit in the picture. There was a CRX that was very quick as well. I am not sure of the results. There were a bunch of WRX drivers that didn't have a clue what they were doing. The kids had fun watching the "race cars".
Thursday June 22 Kate, Cameron, Oliver and I tried to got to a Valleycats baseball game at Joe Bruno stadium. It was sold out with 5200 people. So we drove to Scotia and ate at Jumpin' Jack's instead. The kids liked the water sking. No photos of this activity.

This is out of order but. Saturday night June 17th we went to Fonda speedway. in 1984 I went to my first stock car race with George Buhrmaster at Fonda, Jack Johnson 12a won. 22 years later Oliver and Cameron went to thier first stock car race at Fonda, Jack Johnson 12a finished 2nd. Dave Camera won and Jeff Trombley came in third. Oliver missed the feature as he had other business to attend to (see photo).

I finally got some time to go through the pictures on the camera. These photos of from the Father's day weekend tractor show in Sharon Springs. I brought two Massey Ferguson snowmobiles to display. It was very hot and humid on sunday, we didn't stay long. I am wearing a special shirt Cameron and Oliver gave me for father's day. Fried dough was there as you can see.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kate and I were watching the Champ Car Portland race tonight. She couldn't believe there was somebody named Allmendinger. She kept saying over and over ALL-men-Dinger. She thinks the spelling is funnier than the sound, anyway she wants a shirt. This is after 3 glasses of her Grandmother's wine of course. She also likes the name Sebastian. I explained to her the whole French thing and all. She also wasn't sure about seabass as a nickname.
How much does David Puddy charge for clear coat on a Saab 900?
Hans Stuck has European teeth.
Where can I download Jacque V's new album? it can't be any worse than Eddie Murphy's or William Shatner's

I ran the Jackson Hole Half Marathon today. I got a quarter-sized blister on the arch of my right foot and I felt like I was tearing my right calf muscle from mile 2 to mile 11. I finished in 1:37:04 and came in thirteenth overall, second in my division (20-29 y.o.)

race site:
results site:

Brownsey Family
We arrived home at noon today after 22 hours and 1,200 miles on the road from Fripp Island SC (near Beaufort) . The kids slept most of the way but not Mom and Dad. The beach was great. I'll put add some details after we get some rest. Lots of posts to catch up on.

We are now officially in residence in Stillwater- visitors welcome. And it is very nice to be here. We still have a ton of little stuff to bring up and the brick house will have to have furniture moved in at some point. But, since no one is there we don't need to hurry.

Did I say it was very nice here- just beautiful.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy birthday Joel!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Went to the concrete park this evening with my new Zanardi shirt sponsored by Noah. One more day of classes.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

F1 Driver Jacques Villeneuve released his first single to his upcoming debut album that was announced at Monaco last month.

Video on MySpace


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The entry list for Limerock is now posted:

Entry List

There will be 5 P1 cars including an Audi R8, 2 Dyson Lolas, and 2 "former Dyson" Lolas. Aston and Corvette will be in GT1, 5 cars for P2 including the Penske Porsches, and 10 GT2 cars including 2 M3s, 4 911s, 2 Panoz, and 2 Ferraris. 24 cars, up 2 from last year, down 3 from the first year.

I should be driving in Thursday or Friday and then going to camp sometime after the race. If anyone wants to take my car to be inspected while I'm at camp or something so I can get a July sticker, that would be good.

It was real hot here, but now it's okay. I have two more days of classes. Also, note that I predicted the firing of Mario Dominguez by Forsythe, and the hiring of AJ Allmendinger right here on this blob. Also at that time I put James 'Hinch' Hinchcliffe's link on the side there and he won his first Atlantic race at Portland this weekend. Also I went to the Grand Prix Cafe to watch LeMans, and they had soccer on, but using the LeMans poster they had on the wall in my defense I was able to fix the problem.

I was suprised that the Nature Consevancy hasn't adopted Cambridge's strategy to prevent fires in parks. It's called the "Concrete Park". What you do is you take space, preferably close to a really busy intersection. Then you surround it in chain link fence for a year or so, tear up everything in side the fence, and lay down big cement pavers mixed in with large rocks and even larger blocks of cement. You can plant a tree or two in some 3 ft square holes in the concrete. You may also plant a few bushes, but be sure to put them in such a way that people will have to walk around them to get through the park. A few things to keep in mind, make sure the pavement is as white as possible so people have to squint while in the park, for added fun put in some large one inch thick metal plates sticking up vertically from the ground. As an added bonus make that plate match the pattern of the concrete. Before you know it you have a wonderful oasis for children to play and adults to relax next to the soothing stream of cars flowing through the intersection. Over time people will tape decorations to any trees or light posts in the park. The Democratic National Committee is the most effective at this because they have managed to cover every post in this city with 2 large yellow posters looking to recruit new members. What does it take to get someone to volunteer for the Democrats in one of the most liberal places in the country? $650 a week. A secondary benefit to these decorations is that it is giving jobs to city workers who need to remove them from the posts the next day.

I went to a pre-Father's Day barbeque while I was in California.

Which one is The Nature Conservancy engine?

When you go to a fire, remember to bring your dozer.


Getting started.

The Nature Conservancy engine (on the right) and crew on ignition.

Letting it run.

Wrapping up.


Lupinus nanus, sky lupine

Mom and I are at camp with the cat and 94 p/u. The weather is perfect, like all the days are in Stillwater, We are going home Thursday to pick up a few more things and check on the progress at the brick house.

Sadly, Kate's grandmother died Sunday.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Here are some photos of the garage sale. They sold a ton of stuff monday and tuesday, closed wednesday due to rain. Thursday has been very slow. I think the down turn on Wall St. may be trickling down already. I won't list any items that sold so as to not upset anybody from Florida.
There was an anouncement made at 3am this morning that Intermagnetics is sold to Philips for 1.3 billion. I would guess they won't be making magnets in Latham, NY for more than a couple more years. I wonder if the company picnic is still on for next thursday?
The Latham Krispy Kreme that opened in February of 04 has closed. I remember Joel doing the site planning there. Speculation is that, while the doughnuts were fine the coffee was horrible and that did them in. I never actually went in the place and now it is too late. I understand the doughnut cooking conveyer was kind of neat.

Summer scheduling- let me know your visiting dates guys. We want to see you, but also,want to invite others in open slots.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today was Dad's birthday. I got dad a shovel. We had pony rides.
The garage sale also started today. It is a strange mix of people. But there is a lot of stuff and the traffic has been decent. Dad actually sold the original sinks from the brick house. Great Grandpa Brownsey stopped by for a piece of cake. Great Grandpa Steates could have been here as well but he chose not to be.
Paul, I bought two tickets for ALMS at Lime Rock July 1. We hope to see you and Cyndy there.
Chris are you and Jon planning on going?

Cameron had her dance recital at the Palace theater in Albany sunday night. She was great of course. She really loves being on stage. She had a really good time as you can tell.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Better late than never- Happy Birthday Peter- you are the best guy in the world.

On another note- it has finally stopped raining and we have started the garage sale. Hot item? Books- even Mable Schlieman stopped and bought 6. And Helen, the neighborhood biologist and UN supporter. I don't know what we will do with the rest of the stuff.


Monday, June 12, 2006

In Cambridge... two and a half weeks of school left.

Here is what is fairly certain will happen following the seat shuffle in Champ Car betweeen Milwaukee and Portland:

Tonis Kasemats to the vacant seat at Rocketsports
Cristiano daMatta from Coyne to RuSport
AJ Allmendinger from RuSport to Forsythe
Andrew Ranger will be sponsored by Wal*Mart for some races

This is what may happen, but possibly not in time for Portland:

Mario Dominguez from Forsythe to Coyne or HVM(Dan Clarke gone)
Ryan Hunter Rhea to Coyne
Sperificos all over the place

Cyndy's brother came to visit.

We tried to go to the Dragon Boat races but it didn't work out... we did see these people though:
This guy was on a bike.

We also saw a kid riding his bike telling his friend about a dead squirrel he just saw. We found it.

Followed by a second.

On Saturday I had to do school stuff so they went to the aquarium.

Afterwords we met up and went to Newbury St. In addition to Kitty World, we went to the Puma store where they had a bunch of BMW Sauber F1 stuff for sale. A few shirts, couple of jackets, and some shoes and scary boots.

Newbury Street also had a muffin truck.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today we went to the pig roast and boat race in Stillwater. Inside was warm and dry but outside it was 45 degrees and raining. The roast was very good. The four guys that put the roast on were snowmobilers and do pig roasts as a hobby for friends and family. We also tried the red wine they make as their other hobby. One was older and had been the shop teacher to the 3 younger fellows. One of the younger guys is a shop teacher himself now. Joe's motor broke before the race and Terry won again.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Cartoon Network is going to air all 45 original episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse. They will be on the Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network. They will begin on July 10th. Rueben's said "I'd say this is a dream come true. ". Set the DVR now. Maybe Joel will squeeze into the halloween costume to celebrate.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phil sent Jonathan a wolf track for his birthday. Thank you. Jonathan was impressed. We had a busy weekend in the rain. Jonathan had a swimming party in the rain with his friends. They didn't mine. Megan is going to 'camp' this week at her old pre school.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Happy birthday Jonathan! We are very excited that you are now 8 years old.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

These Japanese tourists are still lost, they need a AAA TourBook and map.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mom told these tourists that they should see Maine next.
These tourists from Japan were looking for hot springs and geysers in Maine.