Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Latham Krispy Kreme that opened in February of 04 has closed. I remember Joel doing the site planning there. Speculation is that, while the doughnuts were fine the coffee was horrible and that did them in. I never actually went in the place and now it is too late. I understand the doughnut cooking conveyer was kind of neat.

Summer scheduling- let me know your visiting dates guys. We want to see you, but also,want to invite others in open slots.



Roon said...

You still have until Sunday night!

Brownsey Family said...

Krispy Kreme was not prepared to battle the Dunkin Donuts stronghold in the northeast. Now Dunkin Donuts is preparing to take hold of the rest of the country by unveiling plans to triple their number of stores. Currently there is one Dunkin Donuts for every 7000 people in Massachusetts.

I'm going to be at camp after Lime Rock until I start work on the 5th.