Monday, June 12, 2006

In Cambridge... two and a half weeks of school left.

Here is what is fairly certain will happen following the seat shuffle in Champ Car betweeen Milwaukee and Portland:

Tonis Kasemats to the vacant seat at Rocketsports
Cristiano daMatta from Coyne to RuSport
AJ Allmendinger from RuSport to Forsythe
Andrew Ranger will be sponsored by Wal*Mart for some races

This is what may happen, but possibly not in time for Portland:

Mario Dominguez from Forsythe to Coyne or HVM(Dan Clarke gone)
Ryan Hunter Rhea to Coyne
Sperificos all over the place

Cyndy's brother came to visit.

We tried to go to the Dragon Boat races but it didn't work out... we did see these people though:
This guy was on a bike.

We also saw a kid riding his bike telling his friend about a dead squirrel he just saw. We found it.

Followed by a second.

On Saturday I had to do school stuff so they went to the aquarium.

Afterwords we met up and went to Newbury St. In addition to Kitty World, we went to the Puma store where they had a bunch of BMW Sauber F1 stuff for sale. A few shirts, couple of jackets, and some shoes and scary boots.

Newbury Street also had a muffin truck.


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