Friday, September 29, 2006

Fall and wood to be split

Just one more reason for Paul to go the Rolex 24 this year. Juan Pablo.
Please be sure to look below this post to see Jon's Guinea Pig. Mom is a big fan of wrapping paper sales.

I was sick earlier in the week and now Cyndy is and we haven't washed any dishes or anything else this week. Therefore, we have to miss Oliver Gavin's birthday party.

Champ Car released their confirmed 15 race schedule for next year. It starts the first week of April with three back to back races, Las Vegas, Long Beach and Houston. Then, the weekend before Indy they go to Zhuhai, China, a short ferry ride from Hong Kong. That course was originally built for F1, but they declined and now they have invited Champ Car on an all expenses paid trip. Also added to the calander is Mont Tremblantm, Quebec and Phoenix, AZ. Three races, all starting with "M" were dropped from the schedule, Monterrey, Montreal, and Milwaukee.

The ALMS will be racing with Champ Car at three events, one of which will be Road America, which is very good news for everyone.

A Phoenix reporter asked this of Champ Car President, Steve Johnson: "Steve, I am sure you have heard a comment from our sheriff out here in Phoenix, Joe Arpaio. He said this morning on the radio that if the cars make too much noise going by his call center he is going to call out his tanks and stop the race. I am wondering how you react to a comment like that?

STEVE JOHNSON: Well, I don't know Sheriff Joe personally but I know Sheriff Joe is quite a character and had many meetings with our people. We have an expert in sound study that has put together a plan that guarantees us that there will be no noise issues at the 911 Center so we're not concerned about that. At the City Council meeting this week when we got the vote to move forward in Phoenix, they went through the entire plan on what they were going to do and even showed diagrams of how they would keep the noise out of the call center. So we're not concerned with that. We think Sheriff Joe is going to end up being a huge supporter of the event. Maybe we could have him throw the green flag or use his tank to pace the race or something."

Grandpa's favorite Sheriff was bought off by ISC very early in the process.

Currently there is nothing scheduled for September, the plan is to have two European races scheduled but that is still being worked out. They decided not to pull and Ansan and will leave them off the calander until confirmed. That would make 17 races.

Unfortunately like this year the season ends slowly with the last three races spread out over October, November, and December.

They are expecting around 22 cars next year.

Seabass will be driving a Panoz at Petit this weekend.

IRL is going to go to Belle Island in Detroit next season and will be dropping Michigan, they may also pick-up Mid Ohio. It looks like Tony George found the old CART business plan and is following to a T. History tells us how that works out.

IRL will not race at Daytona, ever, so there.

Still waiting on AJ Allmendinger to sign some sort of a contract.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brownsey Family

Jonathan asked me to post this:

Guinea Pigs
Brownsey Family
Here is a link to the Wrapping paper sale at Megan's school. 50% of the sale price goes to the school.

The school number is 101872. It should be filled in already.


Fall and beaver cutting trees
Happy Birthday Oliver! How exciting to be 3 years old. We are looking forward to your party.


Monday, September 25, 2006

I attended a lecture today titled "Understanding Cross-Scale Vulnerability in Lapland Ecosystem Governance" by Janne Hukkinen. It was about stresses on the reindeer herding economy in northern Finland. Logging is bad for the herdsmen because reindeer need to eat lichen growing from old trees in the winter.
We had a lovely weekend- went to Rapshaw's annual barbecue and clam steam on Saturday. Most everyone in town was there.
Peter wants you to know he had clams, steak and sausage.

Sunday we went to the Stillwater and Peter was recommending "The Office" to Annie and Joe. I don't really see this happening.

The hummingbirds are gone for the year and the loons will be moving on soon.

Is everyone watching "Dead Like Me" Tuesdays at 8 on Scifi- the best show, with the crankiest lead actress ever.


Friday, September 22, 2006

Went to the A's game Wednesday night. It was $1 dog night and two dollar admission. We got there too late to get a two dollar seat, but did manage to get a $10 seat for $8. We did get there in plenty of time to each have three $1 dogs. Stayed through the seventh inning, just long enough to see Frank Thomas put the A's ahead with a two run double. He is in the running for "comeback player of the year". I think that is kind of like "most improved" from little league. Attendence was a little less than for a UF football game: 25,000. The third tier of seats is kept closed for baseball games. Playoff tickets go on sale monday morning. The third tier of seats will still be closed through the postseason. It could be fun if it is Oakland and Minnesota.
The other weekend I took an RV trip to Gainesville, home of the University of Florida. The objective was to tailgate for the football game over a 3 day period. I met up with Jane and Tracy while there, Jane came up for one night since it was parents day at the sorority Tracy is a part of. Jane was nice enough to buy me a UF shirt so that I could look more like a UF student since getting into the game, with the student section ticket I had, requried me to to show a borrowed UF student ID. The game was a lot of fun, sitting in the student section also required me to stand through the entire game. Florida is ranked 5th in the country and college football is kind of a big deal there, unlike schools in the northeast. The stadium holds 95,000 and is among the largest in the country.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Petit LeMans Entry List it up.

8 P1 Cars
2 R10s
2 Dysons
2 Old Dysons... Highcroft is being driven by Duncan Dayton, Vitor Meira, and Memo Gidley(possible line-up for their Acura team next year?)
1 Zytek (Stefan Johansson and Johnny Mowlem(aston driver) plans on running entire season next year)
1 Creation

6 P1 Cars
Featuring the return of the Mazda, and the return of van der Steur in his new Radical

Also Horag Racing is bringing their Lola/Judd with Eric van de Poel trying to compete with Gunnar for best name, Gunnar wins.

Juan Caceres from Uruguay is taking Mario Dominguez's seat at Coyne for Road America and Mexico City, Dale wants to try a different driver for Mexico and he doesn't want to lose Juan's rookie status for next year. Juan has close ties with Paul Stoddart and Jan Heylan has Muermans sponsorship, so this could have something to do with the Minardi Champ Car team next year.

Cristian Klien was not picked up as a third driver by the Spyker F1 team as he had hoped. The team chose to run three different test drivers for the last three races and he was not one of tham. He reportedly gave a up a $2million Champ Car ride to pursue F1. At this point there are 2 open seats for him including Spyker, and Super Aguri.

Add Brian Tuttle(Grand AM) to the list of prospective team owner at the Champ Car test last week. While he was there he also paid for a test session with Dale Coyne.

Hopefully, everyone read or saw Hugo's Speech.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For the Northern people, two events to be aware of:

October 1st, Rallyx in Granville, NY
Not worth entering unless you have a beater car, and probably not worth going to unless you are really bored

October 6-8, Stage Rally in Harrisville, NY
Worth going to but do your homework as far as where you need to be and when so that you can actually see the rally, or if you see a group of Subaru's, follow them to where they are going to spectate.


Monday, September 18, 2006

AJ Allmendinger finsihed on the lead lap in 13th at Loudon, NH this weekend. He drove his first Nascar super truck race. We passed all the super truck teams on I-81 sunday coming back from Virginia.

Brownsey Family
Soccer time. For the next month there will be weekly up dates. Jonathan is on the Red Storm; they are actually playing a game resembling soccer at his age. Megan is on the Sand Dollars.


I've been working on plans for a Turducken and I think I've come up with a solution for how to make it. I'm going to go with a slight modification using influences from the regionZ(Stillwater). So, instead of being called a Turducken, this will be called a Croghan Turduckengna. It will involve a pile of bolgna carved into a turkey stuffed with a pile of bolgna carved into a duck stuffed with a pile of bolgna carved into a chicken. Served cold. We could special order the bolgna so that each animal is represented by a different color dye, as opposed to them all being Red 40.

Mario Dominguez is switching from Coyne to Rocketsports for the rest of the season because he thinks Rocketsports is a better team and he doesn't like Coyne. Based on history, I'd stick with Coyne.

Spyker bought Midland (formerly Jordan) F1.

Scott Sharp and his father in-law Greg Pickett(fmr Trans-Am champion) were in attendance at the DP01 demonstrations for current and potential team owners.

Graham Rahal tested for Newman Haas last week and we are just waiting to see if the team will run two or three cars, but Rahal will be one of the drivers.

The Panoz will have it's first public demonstration at Road America this weekend and production will begin shortly.

Van Der Steur also tested their car last week (The orignal report saying they would test two weeks ago was wrong). They had no problems and the car should be competitive.

Cristiano's doctors succesfully replaced the bone that was removed from his skull. He should be on his way home to Miami within the next two weeks to continue recovering. I have an update written by Oriol Servia but it's pretty long. He's been to Wisconsin three times to see him, staying there for eight days at one point.

Camp was good.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

First day and many more to follow
I don't know if you will see this- but happy birthday, Emerson.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Walked through Haymarket on Friday to see about picking up some meat at the butchers there. Didn't really feel like buying the vegetables. I guess we got there kinda of late for the meat though because the cases had plenty of goat heads, but the rest of the parts that usually accompany the heads were sold out. Same goes for the pork and beef, except they don't sell the heads... I guess you could ask for one though. Plenty of chicken but I'd have no problems with Shaw's chicken. So we gave up on Haymarket and started heading to a good Chinese place on the edge of Chinatown. On the way we stopped at a big Chinese grocery store that we'd never seen before. It had lots of good stuff and cheap produce. They also had an extensive meat selection featuring bright blue chickens. I don't know anything about bright blue chicken but it was really exciting looking. I guess they must feed them blue corn, instead of yellow like the Purdue guys. They were bright blue, almost purple. Eventually the smell of the place overwhelmed us and we moseyed on out(somebody got shot around there an hour or so later). We went to the Chinese place and had tasty Peking Ravioli and some burnt beef stuff that Cyndy likes. We then meandered across the city through Copley(they are opening a Porsche store there so you can buy a Porsche watch or something. Yay.) and Prudential and took the bus home.

Saturday we went to use Cyndy's gift certificate at the smelly soap store, Lush, in Harvard square. We moped around there for awhile. Then we walked up to Davis square for no good reason and back. On the way we noticed that the Shaw's is now open 24 hours. So before we went to bed we went back and did our grocery shopping for the week. I bet the guys stocking the shelves don't like working while the store is still open.

Sunday I didn't get up to watch the F1 race. Fernando made a great revelation that it isn't a sport anymore. I got up ready to see Michael had won, decided to retire and Kimi was taking his place. Yup. I was suprised that Alonso had an engine failure. I watched IRL which wasn't too exciting. They've got six months to figure out what to do with themselves. It's amazing that they ended the season with no schedule for next year. Then we did laundry, made Pancakes, watched several hours of This Old House, then the Simpsons, then the French guy's 9-11 thing. Then we had the sherry steak thing for dinner with our new bottle of sherry.

A bunch of Champ Car news:

Next year you can lease 1 chassis, a season of engines and tires for 1 million. That should make startup costs for a 1 car team 4 million.

Also they series will go back to Europe with one stop in Assen(Netherlands) and one other stop possible in Germany(not Brands Hatch because the English market is over-saturated).

Don't forget the Hong Kong/China race.

PCM will use a Rocketsports Lola to test Daziel and Figge before the Panoz is out.

The Panoz will wrap up it's pre-production testing next week at Sebring.

PKV will have one car sponsored by Red Bull.

There's a bunch of other stuff too.

Camp next weekend?

Rachel accepted a permanent job at the University and Jepson Herbaria on the Berkeley campus. She will be working with the collection of mosses, algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, and other non-vascular plants.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Mom and the ducks
Paul and Joel check out ebay #150028428745. I thought it was neat. Auction already ended though.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Birthdays are fun because we can have cake.

Annie the dog was very good
Paddington Bear is a sissy book. Big Joe's Trailer Truck is a real story. About working and being on the open road.
Just for comparison reasons more times from Miller motorsports park.
Miguel Duhamel AMA Superbike Honda CBR1000RR 1:51.40
Pierre Kleinubing Speed Touring Acura TSX 3:09.23
Lou Giglotti Speed GT Corvette C6 2:56.23

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Brownsey Family
It sounds like almost everyone had a great weekend. Mostly a nice weekend in Maine with some rain Sunday. Cool all three days though. Definitely not as exciting as our trip to RI last year. The big news is that the kids were back in school last week.


It was windy.

On the boat before.

On the boat after puking.

It's tough getting the sand out of your eyes.

Fung Wah bus crashed by Cyndy's house.

PCM will run 2 Grand Am and 2 Champ Car entries. Figge and Daziel will drive in Champ Car. Schedule should be out soon.

Could somebody back home locate our copy of Paddinton Bear, I want to confirm some of the text in the version we have, exclusively if it mentions where Paddington originated from.


This is a photo of the Block Island ferry. It looks so nice and peaceful at the dock. Paul, Cyndy, Kate and I rode it on sunday in very rough seas. It was an experience like no other. Compare it to Discovery channel's "Deadliest Catch" fishing show only with tourists. The remnants of the hurricane had not completely cleared the area. We were standing on the bow deck and got wet. They were hitting huge swells head on that brought the front of the boat out of the water and then crashed down the other side. You could feel the whole boat shake under your feet. Cyndy and I got sick. Paul and kate made it. We stayed outside in the front. The passenger compartment had vomit all over and smelled awful when we were getting off.

No recent posting? everyone must have had a busy weekend.

We continued this summers tradition of inviting guests for the 1st time and having them get rained on. We had a good time anyway with John and Linda and Swifty. Paul's cat especially enjoyed the company of Annie, the golden retriever. Annie, who has a cat of her own, was a very good dog and enjoyed swimming.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Blob Stats:

The blob saw record breaking traffic in the month of August. In addition to volume traffic the blob also expierenced a record breaking increases. Unique visitors rose to 822, a 23% increase over July and an 86% increase over December, the first full month on record. Page views rose 32% to 1992.


June: 24
July: 33
August: 32

Summer posts rebounded from a slump due to the increased activity from 2 blob members, though some others have decreased this summer as well.

I guess Gunnar has had enough ALMS, see ebay #180022968238. Also see #170023927137 to compare prices.