Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Petit LeMans Entry List it up.

8 P1 Cars
2 R10s
2 Dysons
2 Old Dysons... Highcroft is being driven by Duncan Dayton, Vitor Meira, and Memo Gidley(possible line-up for their Acura team next year?)
1 Zytek (Stefan Johansson and Johnny Mowlem(aston driver) plans on running entire season next year)
1 Creation

6 P1 Cars
Featuring the return of the Mazda, and the return of van der Steur in his new Radical

Also Horag Racing is bringing their Lola/Judd with Eric van de Poel trying to compete with Gunnar for best name, Gunnar wins.

Juan Caceres from Uruguay is taking Mario Dominguez's seat at Coyne for Road America and Mexico City, Dale wants to try a different driver for Mexico and he doesn't want to lose Juan's rookie status for next year. Juan has close ties with Paul Stoddart and Jan Heylan has Muermans sponsorship, so this could have something to do with the Minardi Champ Car team next year.

Cristian Klien was not picked up as a third driver by the Spyker F1 team as he had hoped. The team chose to run three different test drivers for the last three races and he was not one of tham. He reportedly gave a up a $2million Champ Car ride to pursue F1. At this point there are 2 open seats for him including Spyker, and Super Aguri.

Add Brian Tuttle(Grand AM) to the list of prospective team owner at the Champ Car test last week. While he was there he also paid for a test session with Dale Coyne.

Hopefully, everyone read or saw Hugo's Speech.

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Brownsey Family said...

I read the entire speech, interesting guy. I was thinking of following up on his book recommendation.