Monday, September 18, 2006

I've been working on plans for a Turducken and I think I've come up with a solution for how to make it. I'm going to go with a slight modification using influences from the regionZ(Stillwater). So, instead of being called a Turducken, this will be called a Croghan Turduckengna. It will involve a pile of bolgna carved into a turkey stuffed with a pile of bolgna carved into a duck stuffed with a pile of bolgna carved into a chicken. Served cold. We could special order the bolgna so that each animal is represented by a different color dye, as opposed to them all being Red 40.

Mario Dominguez is switching from Coyne to Rocketsports for the rest of the season because he thinks Rocketsports is a better team and he doesn't like Coyne. Based on history, I'd stick with Coyne.

Spyker bought Midland (formerly Jordan) F1.

Scott Sharp and his father in-law Greg Pickett(fmr Trans-Am champion) were in attendance at the DP01 demonstrations for current and potential team owners.

Graham Rahal tested for Newman Haas last week and we are just waiting to see if the team will run two or three cars, but Rahal will be one of the drivers.

The Panoz will have it's first public demonstration at Road America this weekend and production will begin shortly.

Van Der Steur also tested their car last week (The orignal report saying they would test two weeks ago was wrong). They had no problems and the car should be competitive.

Cristiano's doctors succesfully replaced the bone that was removed from his skull. He should be on his way home to Miami within the next two weeks to continue recovering. I have an update written by Oriol Servia but it's pretty long. He's been to Wisconsin three times to see him, staying there for eight days at one point.

Camp was good.


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