Friday, September 01, 2006

I guess Gunnar has had enough ALMS, see ebay #180022968238. Also see #170023927137 to compare prices.



Brownsey Family said...

During one of the events this year they mentioned that Van Der Steur Racing had ordered a Radical SR9 prototype and were hoping to be racing it before the end of the year.


Brownsey Family said...

The new car is supposed to be ready for the Petit LeMans. They (Ben Devlin, and Gunnar) tested the car this week at Summit Point Raceway. Ben co-drove a Radical SR9 in the LeMans Endurance Series last weekend with Time Greaves, who will join Van Der Steur at Road Atlanta as a third driver. This will be the fourth Radical SR9 built.

I don't think he's done with ALMS.


Brownsey Family said...
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Brownsey Family said...

On the ALMS website under the team listing they have the Lexus listed as well as a photo of the GT2 IS350. Any word on that car this year?