Monday, June 30, 2014

Laguna Seca

Motor cycle track day (apparently every day is booked with something unless the track is preparing for a big event):

 Top of cork screw.
 It is much steeper than it looks in the pictures.   It goes down the side of a mountain and looks more like a ski slope.
 Under cork screw tree.

Note for future visits, Laguna Seca is in a county park and is open to visit every day unless they are taking tickets for a big event.

California Oakland

Just returned home from week long visit to Silas, Rachel, and Phil.    The Brush's were generous hosts.


The Red Sox had an early lead;  the A's caught up and then Red Sox won on Ortiz HR in the 10th.  The coliseum was full (excluding closed upper deck) which clearly the staff was not equipped to handle.

 Banjo man:
 Race between innings; Henderson won.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Le Mans and Nurburgring and other stuff

View from our house in Adenau

Family truckster and house in Adenau

Black Falcon in the Nurburgring tech park

The castle

 Mclaren MP4 on track overpass in Adenau

Doing our lap of the track, the bike trail is 21 miles, vs 14 for Nordschleife + GP circuit

Going into a champagne cave


Hotel we stayed at

Boxes at Le Mans

Cyndy and the truckster at our box

Porsche display at circuit with my shoe car



Group C car park

Sauber, Blown up Mazdar (must have run our of Skyactiv fluid), Aston Martin


Tried to get a picture of Jordan Taylor as he walked by but the mullet was too strong and I missed it

Porsche v. Audi

Night Practice


"Mad Friday"

Pit Walk

Cyndy with to be winning 95 Aston


Wayne and Jordan Taylor

The Lotus LMP1 car

Baguette and Dunlop Bridge

It rained some


This Dane was not worried about the no glass nonsense.  French security was different each time we walked into the ticketed areas

Cyndy and a cow on the way from Arnage/Indianapolis to Mulsanne

Track exiting Mulsanne

Forest esses at night

Nap time at Tetre Rouge



Mulsanne at sunrise

Riding back the long way from Mulsanne thanks to the french police state




Really done

Monday morning at the first chicane

Going towards Indianapolis

Where we recovered

Main house to place we rented, built in 1500s


Village next to where we stayed

Le mini reseau in Igoville

The old guy was very friendly, we think, we understood very little of what he said

It is a replica of the train and villages in the area

American Cemetary

Omaha Beach


Car of doom, said stuff in German that usually meant there was lots of traffic or nowhere to park

Kid and car

Castle and paddock

Vintage race



You could bring split firewood but wouldn't it be more fun to bring the chainsaw and ax to the track?


Note the full size hot water heater attached to the shower stall, with umbrella so you don't get wet

You could say the only thing missing is the confederate flag, but there were plenty of those there.


Cyndy got a free bratwurst from Haribo, she was thrilled

Cyndy and Stupidru

GT86 Gazoo


Pictures cannot sum up the experience of standing by the track

Pre race

Find the Haribo on grid.  We didn't do gridwalk, Cyndy hates them and this one was busier than most.



There are a lot of chickens on that spit

Cyndy refused to get closer

Note smoke, we smelled really really bad after the race


I had hoped the Germans would wander away to watch their world cup thing, but they were way too prepared for that

The people who actually watched the game were in the minority most people stuck with the race

Cyndy over the Nurburgring

Haribo bear still happy

As the race wound down people were disassembling their creations piece by piece and neatly packing them up

The Opel just kept turning laps and had an awesome tail


Hanging out by the flugplatz

Winning Aston from Le Mans

I guess we are skipping Watkins Glen this weekend

Check out the next post that got bumped off the front page.  It is all gold.