Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The tractors of our vacation

Tractor poster in the bike shop in Adenau.  We missed the treffen but did see an old tractor driving through town afterwards.

Driving into the village we stayed in outside of Reims

Vine tractors in action from our hotel room

Driving through the village

Tractor at shed in the village

Cyndy getting ready for a haircut

Claas tractor on our detour from Mulsanne to Arnage courtesy of the french police state.

Harvester on the highway on the way out of Le Mans

Back in Germany just outside the Nurburgring tech park

Basically the problem with American sports car racing is not enough tractors

We assume they disassembled their deck before they left the track.  However, we probably shouldn't assume anything.

Best in show

Oliver's favorite farming simulator tractor

These are just the tractors that are trackside, we didn't venture deeper into the campsites to see if there were more.


Joel said...

What kind of canned beer is that fence?

Paul said...

No idea