Friday, March 31, 2006

Cyndy and I would like to thank Oliver and Cameron for the artwork they sent.

Tommy Kendall is enjoying the retired(unemployed) life by driving his chicken car(coche de pollo) from Las Vegas to the Champ Car practice session at California Speedway(infield course).
Oriol Servia enjoying the chicken car with TK. Katherine Legge trying to avoid the situation.

He wore his special chicken shirt(camisa especial de pollo) too.

I also forgot to include the flat tires of the Science Museum. The first is an electric car built by Solectria with a flat tire. The second is a Penske Cosworth powered Indy car with a flat tire.

Flat Tires of the Science Museum


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lima, Peru...

banquete de bodas...

un pez...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If Mom mailed anyone my drivers license, I would like to know. She seems to have lost it, both the license and her mind. She may or may not have put it in the mail last Monday the 20th.

Champ Car Entry List for Long Beach (4/9)

Newman-Haas: Seabass
Newman-Haas: Bruno Junquiera (Pacificare is gone so he is sponsorless to date)
Forsythe: Paul Tracy
Forsythe: Mario Dominguez
CTE/HVM: Nelson Phillipe
CTE/HVM: Dan Clarke
Team Australia: Will Power
Team Australia: Alex Tagliani
PKV: Oriol Servia
PKV: Katherine Legge
PKV: Jimmy Vasser
Rocketsports: Antonio Pizzonia (confirmed today)
RuSport: Justin Wilson
RuSport: AJ Almendinger
Dale Coyne: Cristiano da Matta (confirmed... really)
Dale Coyne: Nicky Pastorelli (not confirmed but tested with team at California today)
MiJack: Andrew Ranger
MiJack: Charles Zwolsman

That makes 18 cars. Rocketsports expects to have 2 cars at Houston (Bernoldi or Montagny) if not Vasser will continue to run a third car with PKV to make a full field. Ranger only has funding for LB and the 3 Canadian races. Most teams say that sponsorship announcements will be made between LB and Houston. Expect a RedBull livery on AJA's car? Thirteen drivers were on the track at the official test session in California today(Australia, CTE/HVM, and Rocketsports are not there... yet). Da Matta is really driving for Coyne.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday we went clothing shopping in Lee, MA. Ate at Hot Harry's, a burrito place in downtown Lee. Good but not as good as Bomber's. Satruday night Oliver Dad and I went to the Latham mall for the annual stock car show. There were a lot of cars there but not many drivers I had heard of. This event is easily the biggest thing the mall has going on. Sunday we continued boxing up things in our house and brought them to mom and dad's house. I changed the oil in the EVO at 3898 miles, according to the service chart I should rotate the tires now as well. Maybe sometime this week. I watched some of the Bristol race but not much. Then Kate ordered a mountain of chinese food.
Kate had her last appointment at the orthopedist on friday. Her arm is mostly done healing and she no longer needs it wrapped at all.
The golf cart is on eBay right now. It has one bid at $50. It is listed under user name loubetty2. The GE monitor top fridge is also listed but so far no interest.


After the museum we went out for ice cream.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Today: IRL opener, bad morning, boring race, good last 10 laps.

Chris gave us some tickets to the Science Museum, so we used them today. The Red Line had lots of problems so we got off at Charles MGH . Here it is.

Cyndy was inspired.

It's a loon.
Look... a model of a fuzzy ship.
The British are coming, the British are coming!

The museum had a salad bar.

Some people had cool Tony Stewart jackets at the museum.

The gift shop had cool figurines.

I don't have time to read books but I do have time to review their covers. This one from the musum looks no good.

The museum can be exhausting.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Brownsey Family
Jonathan had no school for a teachers workshop day so we visited the science museum in Boston. It's been 15 years since I have been in downtown Boston. I figured you can't like both NYC and Boston.

The science museum was awesome. The Star Wars exhibit we went for was cool but small for the price. It was an exhibit of costumes and models from mostly the first two movies before computer animation took over. I am posting a picture of Jonathan next to a real Yoda puppet used in the second movie. Megan's favorite exhibit was a kinetic energy sculpture.

We went to a great Chinese restaurant for dinner near Paul and Cyndy's apartment. Their apartment is very nice.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here are some of my photos from the weekend. It was hot, sunny, and exhausting to attend this race, maybe next year I will choose either the Rolex 24hr or Sebring 12hr, not both.

Aston Martin and Corvette

P1 Audi being chased by a pair of P2 Penske Porsches

Speed World Challenge Aston DB9

Aston Martin and Spyker

One of several 55 gal. drums in the Audi pit.

No news on Two Dninjas. He has yet to announce a ride for this season.

Alex Barron is going to step up from the IRL to Champ Car Atlantic with the Pole Star team this season.

There are 33 confirmed Atlantic cars for Long Beach.

Nelson Philippe has been signed with CTE-HVM racing for 2006(he was with MiJack for 05). The team plans to announce a single sponsor for both of it's cars soon, and a second driver soon(maybe tomorrow). The team will be testing the two cars at Sebring this week.

MiJack is going to announce a driver tomorrow.

Team Brazil(Rocketsports) with Bernoldi and Pizzonia is still in the works.

Cyndy is back.

Donnie wanted rumors about Joel's plans, so here is what I found out: He is never going back to NY, he is becoming certified to teach yoga, he is going to move to Estonia, he is going to adopt 4 Iranian children(he has already recieved one of them via DHL), he likes the color red.

The last picture was of the Champ Car track in Mexico City, according to the tour guide. However, further investigation has revealed that this is untrue, this is the wrong park. I posted the picture because Cyndy went through the effort to take it.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brownsey Family
It's been cool up here in Maine (20.3 right now) so we are still using the wood stove. Jonathan had Sunday school and indoor baseball skills camp today. I broke down and bought a new Canon digital camera like Kate's. The pictures are excellent. Also, I finished converting the CD of 700 pictures Grandpa did to JPG files. Let me know if you want a copy on CD or DVD. The DVD can be viewed on any DVD player. Megan wore her Chistmas necklace to church. It made it home in one piece; but she wants to play with it too much. Joel called from the Race. Jonathan liked hearing the cars go by over the phone.


I took these of the World Challenge website.

Here's a little then and now for you.
Other than the overall. It looks like GT1 survived better than P1. I though the Penske cars were supposed to be P1 not P2. Can I get a clarifacation. Also what is a Spyker C8 Audi? New model?
We went to El Mariachi III tonight. It was very good. Parking is better than Albany. Atmosphere was a little less authentic.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jet Blue Flight #803 arrives in Ft Lauderdale at 12:55AM

Jet Blue Flight #450 leaves Ft Lauderdale at 8:00AM

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I found my missing wool sock.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006

Brownsey Family
Time to fire up the sleds.
Two Ndinjas and Team Japan were a no-show at Laguna Seca this weekend, due to the accident at the last round in Mexico. They said that both car and driver wear significantly battered. So anticipate a need for additional flour in your bread dough. Rahal(Lebanon) and Enge(Czech Rep.) both retired from the race and Herta(USA) finished three laps down. Patrick(Canada) finished 4, and Briscoe(Australia) finished 8. The last round of A1GP is at China, and France has already clinched the championship, for whatever that’s worth.

Attendance at Laguna was poor. About two weeks before the race I was emailed free tickets… which can’t be a good sign.

Everyone’s favorite Catalonian, Oriol Servia (not Salvador DalĂ­, although his helmet pays tribute to the artist) will have a full time ride with PKV in Champ Car alongside Katherine Legge.

Pizzonia and Bernouldi will test with Rocketsports tomorrow.

There was an F1 race, I watched most of qualifying which was better than usual. However, the announcers were way more painful than I remembered. I slept through the race, forgot to DVR and decided not to stay home for the replay at 12:30. I did see an Intel add with Jacques Villeneuve on ESPN while walking through the student center today. He had words and stuff and everything. Fuji will host the Japanese GP after this year, instead of Suzuka.

Very tired, but have to stay at school late today in order to get Friday off so I can go to Florida. I was also very tired on Saturday because I was on no sleep. I think I know why Joel moved to Florida: to avoid dealing with Mom and Dad’s house and the sorting and all that garbage.

Kate thinks Jonathan may be alergic to baseball.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tidy tips---Layia fremontii

Lowland shooting star---Dodecatheon clevelandii

Some of the plants from my restoration project in Calilornia.

Camping at Colter Bay in the park in January. Cozy.

Brownsey Family
First Happy Birthday Paul. It looks like quite an event...even burned the furniture. Starting with last weekend Jonathan finished basketball and now is starting baseball. He had 8 points in the last basket ball game. On Wednesday Jonathan, Megan, and Christine adopted guinea Pigs. The only problem in Jonathan's asthma is acting up; we hope there isn't connection to the new pets.

This weekend was the Pinewood derby. Jonathan was 20th out of 61. We are looking for forward to a visiting Paul in Boston soon. Phil, thanks for the bread recipe.

Bread Recipe:

Proofing Yeast:
mix 1 cup warm water and tablespoon of honey or maple syrup. sprinkle on heaping teaspoon of yeast on top. let sit for 10 minutes (i.e. whenever yeast has dissolved).

Mixing Dough:
add another cup or two or three of water. add a dash of salt. add a dash of olive oil. add a cup of flour. mix well. add 1/2 cup more flour. mix well. add more flour. mix well. keep adding flour 1/4 to 1/2 cup at a time and mixing well after adding each addition. keep doing this until you can't effectively mix the dough with a wooden spoon. start kneading the dough at this point. i like to do this in a metal bowl--less messy. push down and away from you on the dough with the ball of your hand. grab the far side of the dough (what you just pushed away) and fold it over on top of the rest of the dough. turn the bowl 1/2 turn and repeat until your arm starts getting sore. you may need to add a little flour or water during this first kneading process as the dough begins to become more homogenous. in the end, you should have a sore forearm and dough that looks and feels the way dough should.

let the dough rise for three hours or so and punch it down and need again. keep doing this until you get sick of it. more is better, but one rising will be sufficient. if you want pizza dough, it would be a good idea to put the dough in the fridge instead of letting it rise to mess up the bread--but you don't have to.

i bake bread on a flat sheet or a cast iron pan. use bread pans if you want and fill them 1/3 to 1/2 full. if you bake the bread on a flat pan, don't make the bread too big--it will be hard to bake right. spread cornmeal on the pan and place the bread on the cornmeal to keep the bread from sticking

score the top of the bread with a sharp knife so the bread can rise after the top forms a crust. spray or sprinkle water on top of the dough so that it will steam and form a nice crust. bake at 425F for 10-12 minutes. you can periodically spray the bread with water during this time. turn the oven down to 350F and continue baking for 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the size of the loaf and your oven. when the bread is done, take it out and let cool for at least 40 minutes--do not cut the bread until after this 40 minutes has passed.

i like to use half unbleached white flour and half whole wheat flour. use whatever you feel like using. I didn't specify an amount of flour to use because this will vary depending on the kind and brand of flour you have, the temperature, and the relative humidity, and possibly the phase of the moon and how Two NDinjas did in their last race.


This is a recreation of a depression era photo. Paul is burning furniture for heat. Maybe this is how the US can help it's dependance on forgein oil.

YEAH!!! Piece of cake. Paul shows his excitement.

Preparing for piece of cake. See Paul concentrating in the backround.
Yup, birthday, piece cake, talk later.
Happy 21st birthday to Paul.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brownsey Family
There is more snow in Arizona than we had most of the winter. The road may be closed but the bar has a full lot. The customers must be snowed in.