Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No news on Two Dninjas. He has yet to announce a ride for this season.

Alex Barron is going to step up from the IRL to Champ Car Atlantic with the Pole Star team this season.

There are 33 confirmed Atlantic cars for Long Beach.

Nelson Philippe has been signed with CTE-HVM racing for 2006(he was with MiJack for 05). The team plans to announce a single sponsor for both of it's cars soon, and a second driver soon(maybe tomorrow). The team will be testing the two cars at Sebring this week.

MiJack is going to announce a driver tomorrow.

Team Brazil(Rocketsports) with Bernoldi and Pizzonia is still in the works.

Cyndy is back.

Donnie wanted rumors about Joel's plans, so here is what I found out: He is never going back to NY, he is becoming certified to teach yoga, he is going to move to Estonia, he is going to adopt 4 Iranian children(he has already recieved one of them via DHL), he likes the color red.

The last picture was of the Champ Car track in Mexico City, according to the tour guide. However, further investigation has revealed that this is untrue, this is the wrong park. I posted the picture because Cyndy went through the effort to take it.


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