Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday we went clothing shopping in Lee, MA. Ate at Hot Harry's, a burrito place in downtown Lee. Good but not as good as Bomber's. Satruday night Oliver Dad and I went to the Latham mall for the annual stock car show. There were a lot of cars there but not many drivers I had heard of. This event is easily the biggest thing the mall has going on. Sunday we continued boxing up things in our house and brought them to mom and dad's house. I changed the oil in the EVO at 3898 miles, according to the service chart I should rotate the tires now as well. Maybe sometime this week. I watched some of the Bristol race but not much. Then Kate ordered a mountain of chinese food.
Kate had her last appointment at the orthopedist on friday. Her arm is mostly done healing and she no longer needs it wrapped at all.
The golf cart is on eBay right now. It has one bid at $50. It is listed under user name loubetty2. The GE monitor top fridge is also listed but so far no interest.


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