Sunday, March 05, 2006

If Taco Pronto is closed that means you can't have any more children. Do they have goat tacos? Yay... snow...Yay...GrandAm race...Yay Donnie and Peter...Yay...Generator is gone...Yay Boris on Pole.

IRL news: Gene Simmons is sponsoring some World of Outlaws driver in IRL, Danica Patrick failed to launch a perfume but is still trying, their media dinner/pre season launch was canceled three hours before it started due to lack of media, Dario doesn't like Wheldon anymore, Rusty Wallace drove a Penske IRL car for fun. Cheever is going to drive his own car up to and including Indy. The irl now has its 20 cars for needed for Homestead but 4 cars remain entirely funded by the series itself: Panther(Tony Funded), 2Vision(Tony/Dempesey Funded), Hemelgarn with WoO guy(Gene Simmons= Tony Money)+ Foyt(Really has no money), Cheever(His own cash).

ChampCar news: Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle will drive an Atlantic Car for Jensen in 07, they are having some turbo tour deally thing next week? Rocketsports could become Team Brazil with funding from 4 rich brazilians + Pizzonia and Bernouldi as drivers, Rocketsports may also field Montagny in a non-team brazil car. The car count is still bad only 10 confirmed.

Newman Haas: Seabass & Bruno, probably no third car for Servia
Forsythe: Mario & Tracy, third car costs 6 million
RuSport: AJ & Wilson
Walker/Austalia: Tags, Will Power &Briscoe?
HVM/CTE(Cedric the Entertainer): Ronnie Bremer & Jourdain, Gareth Ridpath, Me?
PKV: Legge & Vasser, DaMatta, Montagny, Daziel, Servia or Me?
Mijack a combianation of: Philippe, Ranger, Jay Heylen(very likely),
Coyne: Sperafico, Sperafico, Servia, Sperafico, Sperafico,&/or Sonny
Rocketsports: Montagny?
Rocketsports Brazil?: Pizzonia?, Bernouldi?
BrownseyCampRacing: Two Ndinjas

Drivers that are trying but not attached to teams: Enge, Zwolsman, Pasterolli, Richard Lyons, Daniel Clarke, RHR

7 days to Bahrain
13 days to Sebring
21 days to Homestead
33 days to Long Beach


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Brownsey Family said...

Is there another place for burritos on the way to St Peters??