Monday, March 13, 2006

Two Ndinjas and Team Japan were a no-show at Laguna Seca this weekend, due to the accident at the last round in Mexico. They said that both car and driver wear significantly battered. So anticipate a need for additional flour in your bread dough. Rahal(Lebanon) and Enge(Czech Rep.) both retired from the race and Herta(USA) finished three laps down. Patrick(Canada) finished 4, and Briscoe(Australia) finished 8. The last round of A1GP is at China, and France has already clinched the championship, for whatever that’s worth.

Attendance at Laguna was poor. About two weeks before the race I was emailed free tickets… which can’t be a good sign.

Everyone’s favorite Catalonian, Oriol Servia (not Salvador DalĂ­, although his helmet pays tribute to the artist) will have a full time ride with PKV in Champ Car alongside Katherine Legge.

Pizzonia and Bernouldi will test with Rocketsports tomorrow.

There was an F1 race, I watched most of qualifying which was better than usual. However, the announcers were way more painful than I remembered. I slept through the race, forgot to DVR and decided not to stay home for the replay at 12:30. I did see an Intel add with Jacques Villeneuve on ESPN while walking through the student center today. He had words and stuff and everything. Fuji will host the Japanese GP after this year, instead of Suzuka.

Very tired, but have to stay at school late today in order to get Friday off so I can go to Florida. I was also very tired on Saturday because I was on no sleep. I think I know why Joel moved to Florida: to avoid dealing with Mom and Dad’s house and the sorting and all that garbage.


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