Sunday, March 19, 2006

Other than the overall. It looks like GT1 survived better than P1. I though the Penske cars were supposed to be P1 not P2. Can I get a clarifacation. Also what is a Spyker C8 Audi? New model?

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Brownsey Family said...

Lots of overheating problems for the teams and Joel and I since it was a hot day. The Jon Field P2 car was very strong starting from the back and finishing 2nd overall. Their fastest lap was only 1 second off off Dyson, a P1 car. The 4 Corvette had a flawless race to take the win in GT1, followed by The two Astons and the 3 Corvette which finished .6 seconds behind the 3rd place Aston. Seabass won GT2 in a Multimatic Panoz, followed by the Risi Ferrari and Flying Lizard, those three were all on the same lap relatively close together. Both former Dyson cars, both Penske, and one of the Audis all had DNFs.

The Porches are P2 cars being developed by Penske that will be available to Porsche GT2 teams that wish to move up to P2. Besides, if they had beat Audi(which could happen) they would have had bragging the rights as being a P2 car that beat Audi's supercar. If they don't beat Audi they have the excuse that they are a P2 class.

The Audi was very quite, when it went by all you could hear is friction from the bearings in the driveline, and the turbos. This is Audi's effort to discredit the notion that diesel cars are slow, loud, and dirty. I guess it worked.