Friday, September 29, 2006

Please be sure to look below this post to see Jon's Guinea Pig. Mom is a big fan of wrapping paper sales.

I was sick earlier in the week and now Cyndy is and we haven't washed any dishes or anything else this week. Therefore, we have to miss Oliver Gavin's birthday party.

Champ Car released their confirmed 15 race schedule for next year. It starts the first week of April with three back to back races, Las Vegas, Long Beach and Houston. Then, the weekend before Indy they go to Zhuhai, China, a short ferry ride from Hong Kong. That course was originally built for F1, but they declined and now they have invited Champ Car on an all expenses paid trip. Also added to the calander is Mont Tremblantm, Quebec and Phoenix, AZ. Three races, all starting with "M" were dropped from the schedule, Monterrey, Montreal, and Milwaukee.

The ALMS will be racing with Champ Car at three events, one of which will be Road America, which is very good news for everyone.

A Phoenix reporter asked this of Champ Car President, Steve Johnson: "Steve, I am sure you have heard a comment from our sheriff out here in Phoenix, Joe Arpaio. He said this morning on the radio that if the cars make too much noise going by his call center he is going to call out his tanks and stop the race. I am wondering how you react to a comment like that?

STEVE JOHNSON: Well, I don't know Sheriff Joe personally but I know Sheriff Joe is quite a character and had many meetings with our people. We have an expert in sound study that has put together a plan that guarantees us that there will be no noise issues at the 911 Center so we're not concerned about that. At the City Council meeting this week when we got the vote to move forward in Phoenix, they went through the entire plan on what they were going to do and even showed diagrams of how they would keep the noise out of the call center. So we're not concerned with that. We think Sheriff Joe is going to end up being a huge supporter of the event. Maybe we could have him throw the green flag or use his tank to pace the race or something."

Grandpa's favorite Sheriff was bought off by ISC very early in the process.

Currently there is nothing scheduled for September, the plan is to have two European races scheduled but that is still being worked out. They decided not to pull and Ansan and will leave them off the calander until confirmed. That would make 17 races.

Unfortunately like this year the season ends slowly with the last three races spread out over October, November, and December.

They are expecting around 22 cars next year.

Seabass will be driving a Panoz at Petit this weekend.

IRL is going to go to Belle Island in Detroit next season and will be dropping Michigan, they may also pick-up Mid Ohio. It looks like Tony George found the old CART business plan and is following to a T. History tells us how that works out.

IRL will not race at Daytona, ever, so there.

Still waiting on AJ Allmendinger to sign some sort of a contract.

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