Sunday, September 10, 2006


Walked through Haymarket on Friday to see about picking up some meat at the butchers there. Didn't really feel like buying the vegetables. I guess we got there kinda of late for the meat though because the cases had plenty of goat heads, but the rest of the parts that usually accompany the heads were sold out. Same goes for the pork and beef, except they don't sell the heads... I guess you could ask for one though. Plenty of chicken but I'd have no problems with Shaw's chicken. So we gave up on Haymarket and started heading to a good Chinese place on the edge of Chinatown. On the way we stopped at a big Chinese grocery store that we'd never seen before. It had lots of good stuff and cheap produce. They also had an extensive meat selection featuring bright blue chickens. I don't know anything about bright blue chicken but it was really exciting looking. I guess they must feed them blue corn, instead of yellow like the Purdue guys. They were bright blue, almost purple. Eventually the smell of the place overwhelmed us and we moseyed on out(somebody got shot around there an hour or so later). We went to the Chinese place and had tasty Peking Ravioli and some burnt beef stuff that Cyndy likes. We then meandered across the city through Copley(they are opening a Porsche store there so you can buy a Porsche watch or something. Yay.) and Prudential and took the bus home.

Saturday we went to use Cyndy's gift certificate at the smelly soap store, Lush, in Harvard square. We moped around there for awhile. Then we walked up to Davis square for no good reason and back. On the way we noticed that the Shaw's is now open 24 hours. So before we went to bed we went back and did our grocery shopping for the week. I bet the guys stocking the shelves don't like working while the store is still open.

Sunday I didn't get up to watch the F1 race. Fernando made a great revelation that it isn't a sport anymore. I got up ready to see Michael had won, decided to retire and Kimi was taking his place. Yup. I was suprised that Alonso had an engine failure. I watched IRL which wasn't too exciting. They've got six months to figure out what to do with themselves. It's amazing that they ended the season with no schedule for next year. Then we did laundry, made Pancakes, watched several hours of This Old House, then the Simpsons, then the French guy's 9-11 thing. Then we had the sherry steak thing for dinner with our new bottle of sherry.

A bunch of Champ Car news:

Next year you can lease 1 chassis, a season of engines and tires for 1 million. That should make startup costs for a 1 car team 4 million.

Also they series will go back to Europe with one stop in Assen(Netherlands) and one other stop possible in Germany(not Brands Hatch because the English market is over-saturated).

Don't forget the Hong Kong/China race.

PCM will use a Rocketsports Lola to test Daziel and Figge before the Panoz is out.

The Panoz will wrap up it's pre-production testing next week at Sebring.

PKV will have one car sponsored by Red Bull.

There's a bunch of other stuff too.

Camp next weekend?



Brownsey Family said...

The guy got shot outside of the Chinese restaurant and not the Store according to Cyndy.


Brownsey Family said...

sure- M0m

Brownsey Family said...

Most drivers wait until they are past their prime before they start complaining that everything is unfair. Fernando is getting a head start. Christian Klien must still beleive in F1.


Brownsey Family said...

Unless Klien already has a deal with Spyker he will be pretty bored next year. Of course, he's European and he wants to be in F1 and going to his RedBull deal for Champ Car was a one way ticket. What would be the point of going to Champ Car and being beaten by JW and SB, both guys who would like to but can't get to F1. I wouldn't say F1 is unfair, I would say it's not a sport. Oh yeah, Spyker... They should have saved that money to use at LeMans and win the thing, then moved onto F1. DP01 will do a demonstration at Road America.