Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It was windy.

On the boat before.

On the boat after puking.

It's tough getting the sand out of your eyes.

Fung Wah bus crashed by Cyndy's house.

PCM will run 2 Grand Am and 2 Champ Car entries. Figge and Daziel will drive in Champ Car. Schedule should be out soon.



Brownsey Family said...

Cyndy is this picture the last straw?

Brownsey Family said...

Comparison of Grand Am and ALMS qualifying times at Miller Motorsports Park:

ALMS P1 Biela Audi R10 2:21.553

ALMS GT1 Enge Aston Martin 2:34.953

Grand-Am Pruett Riley Lexus 2:37.998

Brownsey Family said...

Yes a Grand Am prototype is 3 seconds slower than a GT1/prototype with gt body work and at a fraction of the cost which results in Grand Am providing 26 prototypes alone with close competition and a more diverse/talented driver pool vs. ALMS's 13 prototype/GT1s and 9 GT cars and some open wheel rejects for drivers.

Brownsey Family said...

Star Mazda Carrio 2:36.171

Scott Pruett drives for Grand Am not ALMS.