Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The entry list for Limerock is now posted:

Entry List

There will be 5 P1 cars including an Audi R8, 2 Dyson Lolas, and 2 "former Dyson" Lolas. Aston and Corvette will be in GT1, 5 cars for P2 including the Penske Porsches, and 10 GT2 cars including 2 M3s, 4 911s, 2 Panoz, and 2 Ferraris. 24 cars, up 2 from last year, down 3 from the first year.

I should be driving in Thursday or Friday and then going to camp sometime after the race. If anyone wants to take my car to be inspected while I'm at camp or something so I can get a July sticker, that would be good.

It was real hot here, but now it's okay. I have two more days of classes. Also, note that I predicted the firing of Mario Dominguez by Forsythe, and the hiring of AJ Allmendinger right here on this blob. Also at that time I put James 'Hinch' Hinchcliffe's link on the side there and he won his first Atlantic race at Portland this weekend. Also I went to the Grand Prix Cafe to watch LeMans, and they had soccer on, but using the LeMans poster they had on the wall in my defense I was able to fix the problem.

I was suprised that the Nature Consevancy hasn't adopted Cambridge's strategy to prevent fires in parks. It's called the "Concrete Park". What you do is you take space, preferably close to a really busy intersection. Then you surround it in chain link fence for a year or so, tear up everything in side the fence, and lay down big cement pavers mixed in with large rocks and even larger blocks of cement. You can plant a tree or two in some 3 ft square holes in the concrete. You may also plant a few bushes, but be sure to put them in such a way that people will have to walk around them to get through the park. A few things to keep in mind, make sure the pavement is as white as possible so people have to squint while in the park, for added fun put in some large one inch thick metal plates sticking up vertically from the ground. As an added bonus make that plate match the pattern of the concrete. Before you know it you have a wonderful oasis for children to play and adults to relax next to the soothing stream of cars flowing through the intersection. Over time people will tape decorations to any trees or light posts in the park. The Democratic National Committee is the most effective at this because they have managed to cover every post in this city with 2 large yellow posters looking to recruit new members. What does it take to get someone to volunteer for the Democrats in one of the most liberal places in the country? $650 a week. A secondary benefit to these decorations is that it is giving jobs to city workers who need to remove them from the posts the next day.


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