Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SPEED World Challenge '06 Schedule Complete


That schedule has a big hole where the double header with ALMS is supposed to be. No Lime Rock in '06 for Speed World Challenge. Grand Am (GT only) and Grand Am Cup will race at Lime Rock on Memorial Day this year. Also Super Aguri F1 is on the verge of being announced. The team will run the old 2002 Arrows chassis with a Honda V8 until May when they come out with a new car either at Spain or Monaco, the latter seems most likely. Currently the team is running out of the old Arrows shop and has hired back much of the old staff. Champ Car testing at Sebring resumes today and tomorrow.

Moved all my stuff out of my dorm on Saturday and dropped all non esential stuff at the apartment. At which, with Cyndy's parent's, brother and his girlfriend, we cleaned all day Sunday. This week I'm staying at her parent's house (it's actually a shorter commute, time-wise, to where I work), and I will be in Niskayuna sometime on Christmas Eve with an emphasis on 'sometime'. I will then pick Cyndy up somethime on Monday and we will both go to Niskayuna and ride with someone up to camp. I was going to send her out for spark plugs and injector oil. Dad, is there at least one spare belt for our sleds up there? And does my sled have all the documentation with it as well? I added stuff to the calander too.


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