Sunday, December 11, 2005

We had a fake snowstorm on friday. All the schools closed for a total of 3" of snow. At least they know what to do in case of a real snowstorm. I bought Cameron and Oliver a HJC full face helmet for them to wear on the snowmobiles. It took some discussion with Cameron to get her to wear it. Rode the Mini Rev and a Ski Whiz again. Today we cut down a christmas tree from our backyard and put it up. Tomorrow we will decorate it. Joel put new brake rotors on his car this evening. Kate and I went christmas shopping while the grandparents watched the kids. We went to the Schenectday museum this afternoon for a running Lionel train display that was nice. The museum was 75% dedicated to GE 20% WGY and 5% crap. There was little mention of ALCO. They had hundreds of GE appliances that probably shouldn't be remembered.

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