Friday, December 09, 2005

Went to work in the snow this morning... then being the government and all they sent us home at 11:30. There was about 6" of snow in Natick at the time and this state is snowplow challenged. Went to Cambridge and packed my car full of Cyndy's things while she was at work, her parents were supposed to come and move her out today but I stuffed it all in my car instead. When she got out of work we waited for the snow to end... about 8" of snow in Cambridge, then dug my car out and drove over poorly plowed roads for most of the way. I went through the EZpass lane going out of Boston and the snow was so deep and thick in the tolls it pulled my car out of gear while I went through it... a little troubling. But we eventually made it and my car is safe and she is moved out for the semester.

Anyway, we are probably going to a have a lease all signed up for an apartment next semester. 2 Forest St Apt 6, Cambridge, MA. It's pretty big, 1 bedroom on the second floor of a two story building. And it has a fireplace so we can burn Cambridgites/Hippies. But overall pretty decent except for the scary looking stove, but it works. It's a six month lease so if I find a coop job elsewhere I can pursue that.

Still thinking about going to camp next weekend, probably take Friday off or something. I talked to Thomas from Italy on the phone, he was visiting Marian and Joe since he was in the country. He seems very well and Italian.

No news on Two Ndinjas, I assume he is running with A1GP in Dubai this weekend but I am not sure. A1GP can now be seen on the Outdoor Life Network(OLN).

Cyndy says that nobody cares so I should stop writing. Now she wants me to take that sentance away because that's not what she meant she was only reffering to the cars. Oh well.



Brownsey Family said...

Cyndy is right, you should listen to her more.

Brownsey Family said...

Doesn't living in Cambridge make you a Cambridgite? --Philip

Brownsey Family said...

I care

Brownsey Family said...

Update: Two Ndinjas qualified 14 for the sprint race in Dubai. In other news Jacques Villeneuve posted the fastest time of the day at Jerez testing today, outpacing 9 other cars including Pedro de la Rosa in a Mclaren under V10 power (Villeneuve was running the new BMW V8). Fabrizio Del Monte also participated in the test with an MF1(former Jordan) V10, he was the slowest of the day. Also confirmed that Graham Rahal will driver for the MiJack Conquest team in Formula Atlantic next year. Formula Atlantic is expecting fields of 30-40 cars next year.