Friday, November 17, 2006

I finally found a copy of Paul Tracy's Autosport article that Joel wanted to read.

Another current Champ Car driver was with Tracy and knocked unconcious for 9 minutes. No ones saying who it was.

Dale Coyne will have a real sponsor next year and for the first time in awhile actually pay a driver.

Names for the second Forsythe seat include Rice, Martinez, Wirth, and Philippe(unless his Dad buys RuSport).

It is very important for teams to get there drivers in place by the start of DP01 testing in January. Teams will be able to use the Lola for driver evaluations until December 15.

The Champ Car TV deal with ABC/ESPN is for five years with 11 races this year and all the races starting next year.



Brownsey Family said...


Page a12 of Friday's Wall Street Journal. Save it, Justin Wilson.


Brownsey Family said...

Maybe mom could scan the WSJ article and post it on the blog as a personal accomplishment.

The PT article should illustrate why we need a subscription to Autosport, so click the ads, also why he is the best thing going in open wheel racing, maybe in all racing.