Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We have a portable dishwasher... I don't really like it but we have it.

Dan Petit the p of PKV bought RuSport.

Noah is on MySpace.

Zanardi is on the side in the BMW Sauber.

No Grand Am news but Homestead testing is next week.

Risi, and Audi have been at Sebring testing this week with Dyson and Rahal(IRL) and Vision, and Corvette testing last week. Here is a photo of Scott Sharp's new car with Patron Tequilla livery.
That LMSR.net is a good site, I'll throw that with the links. The trouble is that they don't leave there pictures or anything for very long. So unless it's fresh they take it down. So this photo will be gone soon.

I made a comic.



Brownsey Family said...

Who is in the canoe?

Brownsey Family said...

Oliver and Jon, they had to be editted our for continuity purposes.