Thursday, November 02, 2006

I wanted take a minute to talk about some NYS election stuff. Running for Lt. Governor from the Green party is Alison Duncan. A 31 year old 1993 Niskayuna HS graduate who attended The Hartt school of music. She has the support of the mayor of New Paltz. She is fighting for the rights of "LGBT folk" and renewable energy. Phil whats the deal here? I thought all the LGBT's were in San Fransisco? Did you go to school with her?
Also running for various postions are Roger Calero a former meat, packer and writer/ediditor for the Militant newspaper. Maura DeLuca, A garment worker find out more about her at Also Willie Cotton a sewing machine operator and writer for the militant newspaper.
Looks like the socialist party has a strong lineup this year.


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