Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Peter and Donnie. DVR "Racing Incorporated" on SpeedTV tonight(wed) at 8PM and tommorrow night(thurs) at 8PM. Each is 1 hour long. They also replay at 11pm on their respective nights.

Chris. Bus wedensday morning. Pick one

Noah. Cyndy is planning on driving to your house on Friday morning for a ride to camp. Supposively Mother already told you this, but, she probably didn't or if she did she sounded confused.

Joel. Jerk

Phil. Jerk

Grandpa Steates. Jerk

The schedule for the Daytona 24 has been posted. Notice the start has been moved back to 1:30. I guess that's why the Delta flight to Atlanta on Sunday got pushed back as well.

This week at the Champ Car banquet they should announce the addition of Assen, NED, and Zolder, BEL. to the schedule for September. Also, Paul Stoddart will team up with CTE-HVM together they will run two CTE branded cars and one or two Minardi branded cars. Also, RuSport got bought by someone.

Mexico City was a good race.

The first official test session for the teams with the Panoz DP01 is Jan 25-27. I don't understand why they aren't doing it on Jan 23-25 or something, oh well.

I bought this book: Rapid Response It's pretty good, but not as fun as Zanardi's.

We've made $8 with the ad thingy now just short of $30.



Brownsey Family said...

Mom did not mention Cyndy riding with us. Regardless if she insists that she did. It is OK if she rides with if she is on her best behavior.


Brownsey Family said...

Mexico City was good. The mid-race rain made things interesting. NO AJ and no PT hurt a little.


Brownsey Family said...

Good race. I found it hypocritical for seabass to make the same move on wilson that PT pulled on him in Denver, which he proclaimed PT should have been suspended for.


Brownsey Family said...

That's why everyone likes Justin Wilson... no whining. Speaking of whining, hopefully we've seen the last of Bruno.

Peterson White Lightning is doing the Dakar Rally. I thought that was interesting.