Monday, July 31, 2006

I am watching the Michigan 400 right now on ESPN2. It was delayed due to rain. Ganassi crew made a real bad call and ran Scott dixon out of fuel on a caution lap, Hornish is having engine trouble and is 10 laps down. I watch the Champ car races on wednesday on Speed replay. I saw the ESPN highlight of the Tracy/Tagliani deal. Looks like a real bonehead move by Tracy. Paul?
Here are the Formula SAE photos. Looks like they made thier own carbon fiber panels. The radiator setup is pretty trick out on the side.


Brownsey Family said...

It was a high risk move by Tracy but he has made a career out of taking risks and had it been executed a fraction sooner he would have been commended for it. On the other hand Tagliani has been in champ car for 7 years and has nothing to show for it except a stolen victory due to an out of sequence pit stop and a lucky caution that handed him the win. Tracy might have done champ car a favor to force Tagliani out of a ride so that someone with race winning ability can take over. Same should happen with Junquiera.


Brownsey Family said...

Joel doesn't like Alex Tagliani. Alex was mainly upset by the fact that as a result of the parts shortage in Champ Car this accident along with a series of others that weren't his fault are causing a major problem for Walker/Team Australia. They only had 3 good tubs going into this weekend and now they have one as a result of this accident and one that Power had in practice. They seem to destroy one car per weekend. That accident also marked the teams 18th front wing of the season, at $33,000 each. But it's true, Tracy usually makes crazy moves and sometimes he gets away with them and that's how he wins races and why he is popular. However, other than Seabass, Tracy is the only driver with long term security in the series, so he can afford to make those moves. On the other hand Andrew Ranger is a very good driver, but if he has one accident like Tags had, he is done for the season because he has no funding. So for him it's not a matter of how good his equiptment is, it's whether he can afford to use it's full potential. Forsyth has 7 spare tubs, so they can afford to have Tracy wad up a whole bunch of them. Also, if you are keeping track a new tub would cost $100,000, but you can get any more from Lola. So either you can beg to get one from Forsyth or Newman Haas, or you have to send a broken one back to England to get fixed.


Brownsey Family said...

For the record Mom doesn't like Tagliani either, I tried to watch Windtunnel once when he was being interviewed and Mom made me change the channel because of his stupid facial hair and lack of intelligence, his interview was almost as bad as Paul Newman on Windtunnel.