Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I forgot to report on Two Ndinjas race from Istanbul in June. The World Series by Renault had a double header with Ndinjas finishing seventh in the first and 17th in the second race. His teammate for Victory Engineering won the second race.

Also, to explain to Chris again. Nuvera of Milan makes fuel cells, they put one in a Fiat. Nuvera in Cambridge makes fuel reformers that make hydrogen for use in fuel cells. The project I am working on aims to put a fuel reformer in a Renault to run a fuel cell that is chosen by Renault. Other companies have put fuel reformers in cars but they generally took up most of the usable space and take a long time to start and aren't efficient enough to be practical. Nuvera is trying to build one that fits in a small space, defined by Renault, that starts in less than 30 seconds. Also, by being able to run a wide range of fuels(with very similar efficiency), it would make it very hard for the government to enforce over the road fuel tax. You can put whatever you want in the tank, you can mix and match and it will run. The current spec that it is believed Renault wants for the prototype is about 90hp at the wheels. They know about the freezing thing but at this stage in R&D it isn't time to deal with it yet. Once the thing is running parts of it approach 1000degC so freezing isn't an issue then, and antifreeze isn't an option because water is part of the chemical reaction. There are zero priusi in the parking lot of Nuvera.

I will go to Niskayuna on the evening of the 21st. According to Cyndy, Tim agreed to come help too, I don't know why. He doesn't like Italian food that much. He does like beef.

Juan Pablo Montoya, yup.

Champ Car schedule per Robin Miller, no Monterrey Mex, Montreal, Milwaukee(no ovals). Yes Phoenix, San Antonio(in addition to Houston), Zhuhai, China(road course built for F1, 1 hour away from Hong Kong), Las Vegas(street). ~16 races
Where will Bruno go after Newman Haas lets him go?

IRL down to 18 cars pending Foyt's driver announcement, otherwise 17. No Cheever. Strong Rumor: Danica to Andretti Green next year, Rahal down to one(Rice) or zero cars.

ALMS this weekend at the new Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City, now the longest Road Course in NA @ 4.5 miles, surpassing Road America @ 4 miles. Audi R10

The big dig fell.



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