Friday, July 07, 2006

Hello all! It turns out I got an F on the post report card, so I thought I would update you all on my situation. I am now living at the camp, and I am having a wonderful time here. Yesterday I caught a peromyscus maniculatus (aka a deer mouse) and two loons. I have been considering some of my other bird meal options, but have come to the conclusion that hummingbirds are too sweet for anything but a dessert course, and that bald eagles may be a wee bit out of my league.
I would also like to post a few pictures so that all of you may learn a little more about me!

Here is my favorite self portrait- I love taking my own picture!!


Garfield- My Idol:)

My new home.

A postcard I recieved from some friends- one day I would like to go to Catmandu and visit them.

My best friend- his name is Ibmab.

And last but not least, MY favorite car (forget those race cars, the Meow Mix car is what it's all about!!)

Well, thats all I have to say for now- MEOW!!!!!


Rat Cat

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