Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hey everyone

Went to "Roundup" this friday... liked it so much i'm thinking of becoming a cowboy.
No, really... we met up with some chen co-workers on friday and one of them is a country music fan so she threw the idea of going to a line and square-dancing bar to my girlfriend... and shes never been to one (being from peru) so she wanted to check that out. it was strange to see... a lot of cowboy hats, dip and serious tapping, but overall fun. i didn't dance though,apparently i don't have the skills.

I watched Champ Car and Grandam today, for the first time I was allowed to watch racing in front of my girlfriend without any negative criticism such as "how can you watch something so boring" and "could you please change the channel".

besides that everythings good. When i showed her the blog, emily insisted i should write a post.. so this is my official contribution to the blog. I will add some pictures from florida in the near future.



Brownsey Family said...

What are "chen coworkers"?


Brownsey Family said...

See the link on the side of the blob labeled "Chen". You should be able to figure it out from there.