Thursday, October 16, 2008

We went for a natural and cultural history boat tour of the Sacramento River delta over the weekend. It is a somewhat odd inland delta that has been levied to create islands for farming, that are now all below sea level.

This is what an abandoned island with the remnants of a levee looks like:

Since much of the delta has little over sight, stuff gets abandoned there, like this old fishing boat:

Using biological agents for vegetation management on the levees:


Dad said...

We need goats to mow our lawn. What happens when the grass is gone?

The fishing boat is worth thousands in scrap value.

Anonymous said...

You're probably welcome to the boat anytime you want to come to pick it up. I think it is on Miner Slough. You can look it up at "Miner Slough, CA" on Google Maps.

Goats will eat the bushes and saplings, and then any low branches before they really go after the lawn. Once the buds, leaves, twigs, and grass are gone (or covered in snow), they will go for the bark of trees, eventually girdling and killing them. Sheep would be a better bet for lawn maintenance (but then may need to be fed more over the winter). You can use a donkey as an effective guard animal against coyotes. One donkey is better than two, because one will stick with the sheep and defend them. Two donkeys together wound bond with the sheep herd.

Anonymous said...

Note the sheep dog surfing on the back of the ATV.