Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rachel said she would like to see some evidence of "general Christmas glee" from the Brownsey households posted on the blog.


Donnie said...

We did have a lovely Christmas, but we are all exhausted, and busy moving Grandmother Brownsey into her new assisted living home. Maybe later.

Paul said...

I have no pictures to show.

Chris, Christine, Noah, Kate, Grandma and Grandpa Brownsey, Great Grandma and Grandma Brownsey, Tim and Tim and Cyndy Beachboard, Oliver, Elliot, Megan, Jon, and Cameron, Paul and Cyndy were there.

I don't think the taco bar made into any pictures. We made tomatilla and tomato salsas out of the Alice Water's book and they were really good. Donnie should have a picture of the beef tenderloin wrapped in salt dough that looks like an ugly loaf of bread. The beef turned out really well. It was an Alton Brown recipe, so was the Edamame salad.

Dad said...

We had a Christmas dinner that couldn't be beat.

We all know that dumps are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving so we didn't have to deal with blind justice.