Friday, April 24, 2009

Two noteable drivers in theis weeks ARCA race at Talladega are Tim George Jr. from TRG racing Porsches. Also JR Heffner 2008 Lebanon Valley Speedway big block and small block points champion. Too bad the race is not on TV. Speed World Challenge will not be at Lime Rock this memorial day. I think we first went to this race in 2000? Joel? Rolex GT is gone too. The weekend will feature Koni Challenge ST saturday and GS monday. That is a bummer. Last year Kate and I went with the kids to see Koni GS and Rolex GT on monday. Not sure Koni can support the entire weekend.
McDreamy is driving for Team Seattle at LeMans 24 this year. Big step up for both him and Team Seattle. They have a Ferrari F430gt now. I wonder if it was white with red and yellow, or white and blue before they painted it? How did a team of all gentleman drivers get on the LeMans entry list? Isn't it invitation only. Team Seattle's only has a hand full of Daytona 24's for experience (they did win once or twice.

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Noah said...

F430gt came from AF Corse Racing.