Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday we went to the Valleycats game. We had great seats in the front row next to the visitor dugout. They played the Oneonta Tigers. Before the game one of the Oneonta players game Oliver a ball. Then the Valleycats had an autograph session on the field and Oliver had all the players and manager sign the ball. Cameron had a team poster signed. The guy in uniform talking to "southpaw" the valleycats mascot it the hitting coach for Oneonta his name is Luis Quinones. He played for the Albany- Colonie A's in 1983. He came over and gave Elliot a ball in between innings. The game was crazy with all kinds on nutty plays. The Vallecats got destroyed 13-5. After the game there were fireworks. Elliot fell asleep during the fireworks.

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