Sunday, August 09, 2009

Burke Lakefront Airport from hotel room.

Cleveland GP SUV at MO

"Mid Ohio is funtastic"

The viewing mound on the inside of madness offered the best close view of the cars, we sat for most of the race in the stands on the outside with a great view from turn one through the key hole all the way to the end of madness. Nearly 1.5 miles of visible track.


First turn lap one, hit by Martin Snow who blamed Van der Steur car (Pecorari)

Cyndy remembered that we never went to the Risi paddock to check for Spikey Haired Risi Guy. So we stopped by before the Atlantic race (which was a good battle between Summerton and DeSilerstro, only incident was on the first lap when Tonis Kasemets tried to join us on the hillside at the keyhole)

Yay, they are as loud as ever, just not quite as mean looking.

Van der Steur, got the shirt.

View from pit garage balcony.

Posted on railing on pit garage balcony, mechanics to follow. Saw very few IRL drivers (was looking for Servia, who got robbed by TKs yellow, he was on a very fast lap) Only saw Helio, Briscoe, Dixon, Wheldon, Conweasel, RHR, Matos, and Dario. Did see Meira and Schecter.

Brian Barnhart eating.

Van der Steur did not win (seconds before I was going to tell Cyndy how I was suprised they were still running with an hour to go).


Noah said...

Glad to see Gunnar has the sense to take off his sandals before getting in the car.

Paul said...

That wasn't Gunnar in the car.