Saturday, December 26, 2009

Delayed post:

Last week, Cory threw a party at the farm and two of the baby goats were the "guests of honor". He started the fire in the pit at 5:30 am. After a few hours of burning, he laid green cypress branches over the coals, and then the goats, wrapped first in aluminum foil and then a moist cotton sheet. Then more cypress branches and then a few inches of dirt.

Rachel, Cory, Hannah, and Owen (left to right).

After several hours, Cory, began checking the temperature, and then decided to clear off some of the top dirt and build a fire on top.

At about 7:00 pm, they were ready to come out of the ground:

After gorging on scrumptious goat, plus lots of other yummy stuff that Hannah made, there was a doubles ping pong competition in the barn:

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Paul said...

That looks like next year's Christmas Meat.