Monday, May 31, 2010

The weather is Redding was beginning to get nice and warm, so we decided to head to the coast for some cold, damp weather. We went Eureka, which is a big fishing port, although it seems all of the boats are docked rather than out an fishing. There is a mix of trawlers, longliners, crab boats and salmon boats. The docks in Eureka are accessible to the public. Note the heavy coats.

This is a dungeness crab boat. Some guy asked us if this is our dream boat. I said yes.

German tourist looking at a tug boat.

The Kristen Gail was one of the biggest fish boats in the harbor. We could tell that it was renamed from the Trans-Gulf IV. I don't quite remember now, but I think that it was a trawler.

We spent one day in the smaller town of Trinidad. All of the boats here were out on moorings (and they were smaller boats).

There are sea stars on the rocks by the water (It was low tide). These sea stars were about 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

This one was trying to hang on.

We topped off the day with lunch at the Seascape restaurant. Rachel had shrimp louie.

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