Sunday, November 14, 2010

It was a fantastic birthday weekend at the farm where Cory (my brother) works! The weather was beautiful, the animals were happy to see us, and it was very relaxing. Cory is now raising 4 pigs which you can see in the photo.
These are the egg chickens (there are also some broilers- not shown here). Philip found about a dozen eggs this morning, so we had egg salad sandwiches for lunch.
Philip and I stayed on Cory's house/sea container- lovingly named the "Hertz Castle" since it is a Hertz container. There are three windows, a fold-up bed and very little furniture. It is surprisingly cozy and the sunrise and sunset views from the top of the hill are amazing!
The sea container from a distance.
I got some awesome birthday presents: a beautiful Christmas quilt; a four course (x2) duck dinner, and computer speakers.


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