Friday, January 28, 2011

Here are my picks for the 2011 24hrs of Daytona. I believe I picked the over all winner the last two years in a row. Not feeling as good this year here they are.
1st-02 Ganassi-the weakest driver on this team is a pro driver
2nd-10 Suntrust-I know I will get some flak for this from Paul and Joel
3rd-45 Flying Lizard-1st time for the Lizards but they are the second best race team in the race
4th-90 Spirit of Daytona-this is my wild card pick non-Riley chassis with little past performance. Driver lineup
5th-5 Action Express-I don't think the 99 is past their 24hr bad luck. Action express stays out of trouble and always finishes

1st-67 TRG-Andy Lally.
2nd-70 Speedsource-They need to stay out of trouble for 24hrs
3rd-54 TRG-Driver lineup
4th-66 TRG-Driver lineup
5th-94 Turner-Not sure the BMW is ready for an overall


Joel said...

01 Ganassi
45 Lizard
6 Shank

54 TRG/GMG/Black Swan
66 TRG
67 TRG

Paul said...

01 Ganassi
6 Drivers, Ford
95 Drivers
55 Drivers
99 Why not.

57 Drivers... Noah said this is no good?
48 Porsche
94 BMW
66 Because
54 Black Swan

Paul said...


02 Chip Ganassi Racing. lay off the hamburgers gordo
9 Action Express Racing i like the fittapaldi song even if it isn't about this fittapaldi
45 Flying Lizard i like Jorg Bergmeister
95 Level 5 Motorsports YAY RAFA!!!!!
8 Starworks Motorsports good drivers, names with the word star involved are good

32 PR1 Motorsports papadopoulos is on the team
42 Team Sahlen 42 is my favorite number, and MEMO GIDLEY is on the team!
94 Turner Motorsport auberlin is good.
47 Rick Ware Racing "they have fuel doctor usa as a sponsor, that is a cute name
54 Black Swan Racing "I like swans, and they have good drivers too i guess