Monday, April 25, 2011

Picture on camera.


Cyndy broke my camera, this is where it started to work again.

Vettel. Infiniti put a sticker on it and called it theirs.

Cadillac World Challenge car. The spinney stage microphone guy had a rough time talking about it. Said they will catch up to Porsche mid-season (on account of the AWARDS ballast), but Porsche will still have Pat Long.

Dempsey racing.

Fiat on the wall. The Fiat's were one of the few highlights of the show. I don't need to see or hear about another hybrid again.

New Lotus Esprit, it is big and fat like a Lamborghini. I guess EJ Viso and Jimmy Vasser were there the day before to launch it. We did see Simona and J Wil.

Everybody loves Gulf Blue this year.

Hipster hotel room.

It had a record player, here Cyndy has a KEXP record, Phil style.

View from room. Remember when New York was the Empire State, I don't.

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