Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saratoga Rail Station. There was a passenger train with all CSX labeled equipment. This may be the new North Creek train. It was an all CSX crew also. There were CP workers observing as well. The amtrak train was 30 minutes late from NYC.


Dad said...

Saratoga and North Creek Railway: Lv Saratoga 10am Ar North Creek 12:30pm Lv North Creek 3:45pm Ar Saratoga 5:50 pm Thur-Mon. With stops at Corinth, Luzerne, 1000 acres, Thurman, Glen, Riverside.
All day pass: Adult $19, Child 15. The railroad does not have the right locomotives for the CP tracks to bring the train to the Saratoga station yet.

Paul said...

Oh that, the CSX P950 out of North Bergen NJ. Carried passengers up to the Whitney Stakes at Saratoga. Did the same thing 2 years ago, up on Friday switched crews in Albany and back on Sunday. The train is refereed to as the Office Car Special. Last seen out in May.

Paul said...

The trip in May was for the Kentucky Derby (CSX P915)