Sunday, October 23, 2011

Even more Italian trains:

We spent a day in Tempio Pausania, a very neat town in the interior of northern Sardegna. We took a walk down to the train station (because that is what one would do, right?)

The guy with the camera and the yellow shirt turned out to be another train aficianado and Rachel ended up waiting on a bench next to his wife as we both took pictures of trains.

Inside the waiting room were some neat murals.

While we were inside, the Trenino Verde, a summer tourist route pulled in. The engine is an old diesel crocodile style locomotive. The cars on this train are from the 1930s era.

Old Euro-style coupler:

I was taking a picture of the engine entering the shop and one of the workers waved a couple of the people taking pictures, including me, in. I don't think that it is normal practice in the U.S. to allow people you don't know to enter an operating engine shop, particularly people that have no means of verbally communicating with you.

Inside the shop was a restored 1913 railcar that I got to look in.

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